How to Ride a Bicycle Complete Guideline

Greetings to all fellow cyclists out there today we bring you a little guide that will teach you how to ride a bicycle.

So, brace yourselves and let’s begin before we start, I want to clear a misunderstanding that a lot of people have there’s no fixed age of learning how to cycle.

So, in case you never got your hands on a bicycle when you were a kid that doesn’t mean you can’t learn right now by the time, you’ll be done reading this article you’ll be able to take your very own bicycle for a spin.

Riding Safely

At first, this is important to ride safely before riding look for a place that’s comfortable and far from traffic a flat smooth stretch of ground such as your driveway or sidewalk is a good place to start or you can look for a parking lot or park with a cycling track.

Never ride a bicycle without knee or elbow pads they insulate your joints and protect them against scrapes and injuries find a good helmet before taking off you never know when an accident will happen.

A broken bone can usually be fixed but head drama common in bicycle accidents leave a lasting impact

I would recommend that you start off by riding in the day and avoid nights until you have a good grip on your bike.

Which type of bike is comfortable? For better information, you can check this full suspension vs hardtail article.

Finding the right bike

Just like picking the perfect pair of running shoes, you need to find a bike that you’re more comfortable on.

You need to see if it’s the right size for you and everything is in your reach and not just that you need to be sure what you’re going to use this cycle for whether you’re planning on going for long rides or short casual trips.

Everything counts when you’re buying a bike for yourself so keep that in mind creating a habit out of cycling remember the start is going to be rough and stressful your body will adjust to the strain and stress of cycling but the key to excelling in everything in life is persistence and consistency.

The first step to making riding a habit is to be realistic don’t expect to magically become a morning person just because you have a new bike or plane to ride 100 miles too soon.

Start small and grow from there start with some coasting find a wide-open flat paved surface like a low traffic side street path or parking lot put one of your feet on the ground.

Ignore the pedals completely and start to walk the bike by pushing off with your feet as you gain a little speed lift your legs a bit to start to get a feel for balancing with your upper body continue to do this until you start feeling a little confident and can glide without putting your feet down for very long.

Placing Pedal

Next placing one foot on the pedal once you feel comfortable coasting and balancing with both feet rest one of your feet on a pedal and push with the other like you’re riding a scooter.

This will help you transition from gaining speed with the ground to gaining speed via the pedals coast along this way until you feel your speed and balance is comfortable enough with the other foot up and start pedaling.

but don’t pedal extremely fast try to maintain a slow consistent speed in the beginning.

Hone your balance and vision

When you’re riding your bicycle always make sure to keep your eyes up and straight this small tip will help your balance following your line of vision breaking whenever you apply the brakes your body pushes forward the task here is to push your weight back to maintain balance


When turning your bike make sure you look wherever you want to go keep an eye on the terrain avoid turning from rough patches on the road shift your weight and slowly lean your bike to assist in turning.

Remember turning takes practice don’t be scared of falling or you might never learn.


Remember to keep practicing and don’t give up we’d love to know your stories so write to us in the comments down below. If you want to learn more bike-related posts check OutdoorXsports for more information.

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