Pampered Pooches and Flush Felines

How many times recently, have you encountered a Pampered Pooch or a Flush Feline, either dressed in the latest pet couture outfit or being pushed in a baby buggy along the street?  It seems to be a much more common sight on Britain’s high streets now than ever before. You see a pram being pushed along the path and look inside expecting to see a curly, blond-haired cherub smiling back at you but instead find yourself peering in at a delightful dog or curious cat wrapped up in a snuggly blanket! 

4 Things To Know About CBD Dog Treats

If you like getting frequently informed about the trends in the wellness industry, then there is no doubt in my mind that you have stumbled upon CBD dog treats at one point or another. These products have been taking the market by the storm for quite a while now and I would be rather surprised to hear that you don’t quite know what they are. Well, okay, it’s not like I am expecting you to know the ins and outs of it right away, but you should at least be informed about some of the basics, including those you can read on this page.