Bristol Zoo and gardens, protecting endangered species and maintaining biodiversity.

Unfortunately, the tremendous work of protecting endangered species and maintaining biodiversity by careful management and breeding of its array of animals is to come to an end at the world-famous Bristol Zoo and gardens.  Opened in 1836 the Zoo and its animals had gone from strength to strength and hosted major exhibits of Seals, Penguins, and Gorillas, the sad closure will take place on the third of September 2022.  Most of the well cared for and much-loved animals will be taken to the new “Wild Place Site” where they will find new habitats and homes.  Maybe the Zookeepers will need the expertise of a Removal Company Bristol such as to help them pack up and transport all the essential equipment needed for the care of its myriad of animals?

What you can do in Monaghan Ireland

Ireland is a place steeped in history and heritage. This green and pleasant land is still much like it was some 150 years ago. However, there is still plenty to see and do on the island, making it a great place to visit. As Europe’s most Westerly country, the only place to go if you head west from here is the Americas (which many of its inhabitants did). One of the best places to visit is the town of Monaghan. You will need your phone to be on top form to record everything here, so it’s a good job you can use, and find a Vodafone Monaghan way to get a decent one.

3 Incredible Destinations in India for New Year Celebrations

The New Year’s Eve is always a special day, as you leave the old year and along with the bad and unwanted memories behind you prepare yourself to welcome the New year with great joy, hope, and enthusiasm.

While the New Year’s Eve is still quite a few days away, it would be best to start the party planning for the day. If you are bored with the same old house party with the same people, you can escape that feeling of déjà vu by traveling to new places. What better way could it be to bring in the new year by stepping out of your comfort zone and going to an unknown place and get a new experience that you can remember for a long time? So here is a list of amazing destinations across India where you can head to for the New Year’ Party:


A quaint town on the southwest coast of India, Pondicherry comes to life during the New Year’s Eve. Tourists from all over the world come pouring right from Christmas and stay back for the New Year party. The place is known for its pristine beaches with white sand, cool blue sea and not to mention its delicious sea-food, you think that’s a La Goa, Pondicherry is even better. The most distinct thing about this place though is the presence of two distinct cultures of French and Tamil, which also adds its charm to the celebrations that take place. Not to mention, the place has got cheap booze too. No matter, if you want to go alone, with your friends or family, Pondicherry will surely leave you with some amazing memories. Start planning right now and make sure that you book your travel tickets online.


Snow clad Himalayas, lush green landscape, cool weather, hoards of foreign tourists provide a perfect setting to celebrate New Year’s party and at Manali, you get it all and even more. The breathtaking view of the place around will surely excite your senses and the feeling will linger around in your body for a long time. While it gets cold during the night sip on some special hot chocolate and feels the warmth and coziness seeping through your mind. The place is best enjoyed with friends, especially if you are a fan of raving and love trance music.


Goa and Party are synonymous with each other. The beautiful little city located just about 8 hours from Mumbai plays host to a sea of tourists all year round but nothing beats the excitement of a New Year party celebration. The place has the perfect setting that lets you enjoy the most hardcore partying experience of your life. The electric night party that includes booze, music, sea in the backdrop and fun provides the perfect setting to let your hair loose and dance your way through the night till the wee hours. From Baga to Palolem, Goa welcomes dirty feet with arms wide open for the New Year celebrations.