What is hygge?

what is hygge

The cold is coming and what you most want when you get home is to be able to put on comfortable clothes, some fluffy wool socks and lie on the sofa with a blanket and a hot soup to watch your favorite series or read a book. Are you that type of person? Then the hygge philosophy is for you.

Often the pace of life and the routine of big cities mean that our house can only be a place to sleep and recharge. However, for the Danes, the house is much more than that and they have invented a term that encompasses a whole lifestyle based on the welcoming and the comforting to achieve true happiness: we are talking about hygge.

If you want to know more about this concept and make your home a happy and welcoming home, in this new article, we tell you what hygge is and some ways to put it into practice.

What is hygge philosophy?

what is hygge

The term hygge comes from a Danish word whose literal meaning could be compared to the concept of “cozy” and has to do with a whole philosophy of life that focuses on adding to your day to day moments and environments that make you feel comforted, without pressures and in a pleasant environment. All this is focused on the home and the security that makes you feel at home or turn any space into something similar.

We must understand that in Denmark, there are many cold months and very few hours of daylight, so having a house with natural decoration, blankets that keep us warm, comfortable clothes and hot food can generate a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

The hygge philosophy can be practiced by anyone who wants to generate a homey atmosphere in their home and its surroundings, of refuge and away from the rush and pressure that you can drag on a day-to-day basis. In short, a refuge in which to feel safe and happy.

There are many things you can start doing to start practicing hygge, but here are a few tips to start noticing the changes and energy of this Danish way of life that has helped so many people.

Create a natural environment in your home

One of the bases of the hygge philosophy is to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, with materials and decoration that are in accordance with your personality and in harmony with the natural and the organic. That is why we try to avoid plastics, metals or bright colors and choose to use wood, plants, dim lights and accessories such as blankets, cushions, rugs and a spacious and diaphanous environment. Don’t get obsessed with everything being perfect. It should just flow and make you feel comfortable when you get home.

Take time to cook comforting dishes

Food is another of the strong points of the hygge concept. Dedicating time to the food that you prepare and then enjoy is one of the fundamental moments to connect with your space and stop the revolutions. The key is to prepare dishes that are good for you, with fresh and balanced food prepared the way you like it best. The idea is that you return to traditional flavors and enjoy tasting , for example, rye bread toast, stew, baked oatmeal porridge or stewed potatoes.

Run away from technologies with screens

Despite living in a world dominated by technology, the hygge philosophy proposes that, during the time you spend at home, you try to put this great influence aside and enjoy more analog activities to be more connected with the present and with the homely and relaxed atmosphere. You can listen to music, read a book or chat with your family while you prepare something to eat.

Spend time on the things you like

One of the strengths of this philosophy has to do with satisfying and pampering you, without pressuring you or demanding goals or deadlines. Contrary to many philosophies and lifestyles that dictate the steps and goals you must achieve, the concept of hygge invites you to connect with yourself and allow yourself to enjoy and dedicate time to the things you like in order to reduce your stress levels. and be better with yourself. Ask yourself what excites you and spend some time developing your hobbies to make yourself happier.

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