Monsoon Edit 2022: Western Wear Must-Haves

Western Wear

Every season has its own appropriate clothing – wearing the right set of clothes is important. Western wear usually comes in all kinds of seasonal sets. Things like jeans and shirts are some of the most versatile choices when it comes to western wear, but choosing the best wear based on each season can help in displaying the right fashion sense and also just helps to navigate the weather easily.

Online clothes shopping has become the biggest trend in the industry; more people are now buying clothes online than at retail outlets. More importantly, the online shopping experience has become more hassle-free than it once used to be.

More brands are coming up these days and introducing themselves online before they hit the retail store. Often, online stores have much better discounts and offer as well, attracting more customers than one can imagine.

Seasonal Western Clothing

Western wear is one of the most common clothing these days. Jeans, tops, shirts and skirts are some common western wear that most of us wear even without thinking twice. When it comes to dressing up in western wear but for the appropriate season, choosing the right clothes becomes important. 

Women’s clothing online is very versatile and can be worn in most seasons but western wear especially may have some varieties of light clothing which are not suited for monsoons.

Below is a list of the right monsoon wear under the western wear category:

1. Jeans

Jeans are one of the best monsoon wear. Jeans resist water better than cotton and other materials. It also is perfect for the cold monsoon winds and makes excellent monsoon wear. Online shopping for women must include jeans as they are best for all kinds of weather, especially for monsoons and winters.

They can resist a bad climate and keep warm when they are worn. Jeans are now available in plenty of styles such as regular fit, pencil fit, slim fit, curve fit, high waisted fit, low waist fit, rugged jeans, ankle-length jeans, etc.

2. Shirts

Shirts are another set of amazing clothes for women that can get through the monsoon with ease. Shirts made from denim, satin or silk are perfect for monsoon as they don’t get too easily. They repel water better than cotton or linen.

They are also perfect for trapping some heat and providing relief in chilly weather. Shirts look very casual or professional based on how they are worn. Pairing loose-fitted shorts with a belt over skinny jeans can make one of the best monsoon attires.

3. Long Coats

A long coat is a perfect addition to any attire for the winter. Long coats are excellent for repelling water and can be worn whenever one steps outside. Most coats are made from thick material and can keep the wind away and keep the user warm.

Coats can be worn over a complete attire such as a top and jeans, or a shirt and jeans paired with the best set of shoes completes the attire keeping the rainfall or cold climate at bay.

Once inside, they can be removed to reveal the perfect look you wear inside, thereby protecting your clothes in the event of unexpected rain or snow. Long coats can be purchased online clothes shopping in all major retail sites.

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