Protecting Yourself and Your Business from Data Theft

Burglary and theft are crimes that we have long had to be alert to. To prevent them we do things like locking our doors and windows, installing home security systems and making sure that when we go away on holiday, we take measures to make our house look as if there is someone there.

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However, something that is becoming more and more prevalent, and being extremely lucrative for criminals, is data theft. Stealing data can be done in many ways, from going through bins to get paperwork containing personal details, to scam text messages and emails, which look authentic enough to dupe the recipient into handing over information about themselves, or even paying money to the criminals, in the belief that it is for a genuine reason.

Protecting our personal data is important, both as individuals, and for businesses, and taking steps to do this will give you more peace of mind. Some of the things that you can do to prevent identity theft and data theft include:

Not opening messages or emails, or clicking links unless you are absolutely certain that they have come from a legitimate source

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Making sure that all confidential paperwork is not just discarded with other rubbish and recycling waste, but is destroyed. There are companies like this confidential shredding service that can do this for you, which saves you spending ages at the shredder!

Password protecting everything – all your devices, as well as accounts that you have online.

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