Why Body Language Is Important During a Presentation

When giving a presentation, the audience should be able to read your body language. This will help them assess the reception of your message and will also keep them interested and attentive to your message. You will also need to maintain eye contact with your audience. When you look them in the eyes, they will feel valued and respect you. Maintaining eye contact during a presentation will also help you gauge whether the audience is interested in the information you are presenting.

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During a presentation, you should also use your hands to communicate with the audience. You should not hold your hands close to your side or behind your back. Hold them in front of you or use them to emphasize a point. Using your hands can also help you release tension and engage with your audience. You should also avoid crossing your arms. This is an incorrect body posture because it can make you seem defensive. A proper hand position and open gestures will help you make a good impression during your presentation. For help from Public speaking courses, consider a site such as www.collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk/

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In addition to using your arms, you should also make sure to spread your arms out in front of your chest, which is considered to be a sign of confidence. This is also known as power posing and it can help boost your confidence and give you more of a presence. Also, it is important to minimize the space between you and your audience.

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