What was the first TV game show?

Gameshows are an absolute staple to all television channels. They are easy to produce, easy to film, and they require little thought on the parts of the producers. As long as the host is amiable and jocular,  and the contestants are bright and energetic, there is guaranteed to be some drama and success.

For the most part, the game show is based on a degree of skill or a general knowledge, question and answer format. There are even whole channels devoted to showing reruns of the old classics like Bullseye, 3,2,1 and the Generation Game. None of these shows can be seen unless you have decent television reception. A TV aerial installation Bristol based company like https://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/ will make sure that you have a crystal clear picture so that you can see all the action.

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The first recorded TV game show might come as a surprise. It was on the BBC, and it first aired in 1938. It was called Spelling Bee. The format was pretty simple. It was a standard spelling bee. It lasted for 15 minutes and featured the host simply asking the contestants to spell certain words. It came out every month but wasn’t a roaring success. In fact, it was canned after just 5 episodes. If there was a prize, it has not been recorded what it was.

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It’s hard to believe that this simple premise would go on to spawn shows like the frenetic Price is Right or the nail-biting tension of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

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