Where do Aran sweaters come from?

The classic Irish Aran sweater is by far one of the most iconic and well-known items of clothing to ever come out of the country.  However, where does this design classic come from? A combination of a decent set of aran sweaters, like those from https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters can be to the winner in the style stakes.  The original purpose was not meant to be stylish.  They were created for the working population of the small set of islands in Galway Bay namely the Aran Islands.

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The islanders were in need of robust and strong clothing.   The Isles are buffeted by the strong storms of the Atlantic Ocean and growing vegetables and raising animals is difficult. The only option for food can be what can be gained from the sea. Fish, crabs and lobsters are some of the main sources of nutrition. Sailing and fishing in the sea was difficult and dangerous.

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To help protect the fishermen, the women of the Aran Islands knitted strong water-resistant sweaters and jumpers from the local sheep.  This  hardy wool was perfect for creating the jumpers that we see today. It kept the men warm and dry as they braved the   sea’s  stormy environment.

The style of the Aran sweater was given to the island by the women of Guernsey who had learnt to knit and sew in this manner.  However, it was the Irish ladies who truly embraced the style of the cable knit and have made for us one of the greatest examples of jumpers there are today.

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