Adding some warmth to your garage space

Garages are often used for storing garden furniture and other items that you no longer need. But there are some circumstances where you might want to use this space for something more constructive like a home gym or a workshop. In this case, you might be wondering how you can add some warmth to the space.

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Door – make sure that the garage door is in full working order. You can speak with a Garage Doors Bristol company like if you want to have a new door fitted or an existing one repaired. The effectiveness of the door will help to keep water out of the garage and will also help to keep it warm.

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Flooring – you can add some flooring into your garage space and seal the concrete underneath. This will help to prevent the cold from rising up through the floor. It is important that you think about the activities that are going to be taking place in this space and pick the flooring that is suitable.

Insulation – It’s quite an easy task to get insulation in the garage. All that you need is a wooden or metal frame to place the large sheets of Rockwool or similar type of material in place. You’ll then need to have a sheet of plasterboard or MDF to cover the material. It will reduce the size of the garage but overall the extra warmth will be welcome.

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