How to Stay Comfortable When Working at a Desk

For those who work long hours seated at a computer desk, ensuring the right posture is important for spine health. It is possible to remain comfortable while working at a desk if you take the right measures. Having a footrest and a sturdy backrest are great ways to keep yourself in a comfortable position. You may also need to raise your chair’s height a bit so that your forearms are supported on the desk while you type.

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Proper seated posture is essential for your health. While sitting at a desk, it is important to maintain a comfortable distance from your workstation. You do not want to be too close or too far away from your computer screen. Another important aspect of correct sitting posture is arm support. You should ensure that your armrests are at a comfortable height so your arms and wrists will remain comfortable and there is no straining. You should also make sure that your elbows remain slightly bent and at a downward angle. For more information on Office Chairs Gloucester, go to Biz Stationery, suppliers of Office Chairs Gloucester.

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If you are in an office, it is best to take periodic breaks and stretch out your entire body. Standing for five minutes every hour will give you a nice change of position for your spine. You can also take short walks every so often if you feel the need to as movement is important so as not to be seated for too long. By incorporating these tips, you can protect your back from the effects of prolonged sitting.

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