How to support the elderly with bathing

Bathing is a normal human function but there are times when we may need to use Bathing Aids like the ones from to help ensure that we are safe when doing so. As we age our bodies weaken and it can be harder for us to steady ourselves long enough to take a shower. Equally, it can be just as hard for us to lift ourselves safely from the bath.

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There are a number of ways that you can support the elderly with bathing and they include.

  • Time – make sure that you take your time to support them. Rushing will result in the chances of slips, trips and falls increasing. If you find that you have more time in the evening, encourage them to take their shower or bath at this time.

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  • Quick washes – in the mornings you can help them with strip washes that will allow them to feel fresh and clean without the need for them to be in a shower or a bath.
  • Communicate – having someone else help you to wash can be intimidating and it is important that when supporting someone to take a bath or shower you communicate with them. Use it as an opportunity to ask them about their day or to tell you about their childhood. This can help to take some of the embarrassment away.

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