Why Leather Belts Are Worth It

When you buy a leather belt, you’ll likely have several reasons why you should purchase one. A quality leather belt is a timeless piece that can be worn to any occasion. It’s also a necessary accessory that can prevent an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

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You can buy any type of belt, from a utilitarian strap to an elegant belt that will complete an outfit. The best kind of leather is full grain leather. However, this material is often more expensive than other types of leather. If you are looking for an inexpensive belt, you may want to consider a bonded leather belt. These belts are made from recycled scraps of genuine leather and are the most economical option. However, for Mens Handmade Leather Belts, go to Hip & Waisted who supply a stylish range of Womens and Mens Handmade Leather Belts

A top-grain leather belt is usually the most expensive option. The top layer of the hide has been sanded down to create a smooth finish. It is a higher grade of leather than genuine or bonded leather.

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Some people prefer full grain leather for their belts. It is stronger and more durable than bonded leather, and it has a rich, natural look. This type of leather is also more supple, which makes it easier to resize.

A lot of department stores are selling cheap, branded belts. They are more profitable for them than selling high-quality, independent belts. They are also cheaper, so you can buy more of them for a lower price but they don’t have the same luxury look as a genuine handmade leather belt and are unlikely to last as long.


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