Pampered Pooches and Flush Felines

How many times recently, have you encountered a Pampered Pooch or a Flush Feline, either dressed in the latest pet couture outfit or being pushed in a baby buggy along the street?  It seems to be a much more common sight on Britain’s high streets now than ever before. You see a pram being pushed along the path and look inside expecting to see a curly, blond-haired cherub smiling back at you but instead find yourself peering in at a delightful dog or curious cat wrapped up in a snuggly blanket! 

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Lots of obsessed owners dress their canines and felines in matching outfits to their own and co-ordinating scarves and accessories.  In summer they wear little shorts and tops and in the winter merino wool sweaters women walking proudly besides their precious pussies and pooches, warm and cosy in their own colourful outfits of wool sweater supplied by a professional company such as

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Christmas, Birthdays, and St Patrick’s Day, there are outfits on the market for cats and dogs to suit any occasion as well as matching clothes for their owners. There are pretend marriages now for pets and wedding outfits, not just for dogs and cats but other beloved and pampered pets such as rabbits, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs. You can purchase matching outfits for the “Bride and Groom” as well as all the guests if you want to!  More and more online companies are providing clothes and all the accessories you could possibly want for your Pampered Pooch and Flush Feline.

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