Bristol Zoo and gardens, protecting endangered species and maintaining biodiversity.

Unfortunately, the tremendous work of protecting endangered species and maintaining biodiversity by careful management and breeding of its array of animals is to come to an end at the world-famous Bristol Zoo and gardens.  Opened in 1836 the Zoo and its animals had gone from strength to strength and hosted major exhibits of Seals, Penguins, and Gorillas, the sad closure will take place on the third of September 2022.  Most of the well cared for and much-loved animals will be taken to the new “Wild Place Site” where they will find new habitats and homes.  Maybe the Zookeepers will need the expertise of a Removal Company Bristol such as to help them pack up and transport all the essential equipment needed for the care of its myriad of animals?

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The Zoo has played a major part in contributing and promoting a better understanding of nature and wildlife to the general population. In its heyday the zoo housed around 300 mammals of over 50 different species. There have been many cute and cuddly babies born there including a western lowland gorilla on the 19th of August 2020.  The proud parents were mummy Kala and Dad Jock, the baby was born naturally and joined the troop of six gorillas already part of the Zoo’s successful breeding programme.

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Parts of the old Zoo site will be redeveloped into housing, but the gardens will be kept open for visitors and will be free for people to enjoy for a long time to come.

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