Colors that go with blue clothes: What are they?

colors that go with blue clothes

Blue is a cool color that can be perfectly combined with many other colors. Whether it is cold or hot, blue is a common color in men’s and women’s wardrobes since it is an option that does not go out of style.

However, and as it happens with all colors, it is essential to know how to combine blue to get the most out of our garments and get the outfit right. If you also have dresses, shirts, coats or blue pants and want to learn colors that go with blue clothes to create the perfect outfit, don’t miss the next article.

Colors that go with blue clothes?

Many people know the combination of warm and cold colors: the combination of colors such as yellow, orange and red with their different shades and blue, green and violet with theirs. However, there are many types of combinations that we must take into account if we want to analyze which shades combine best with a specific color:

  • Monochromatic combination: It is the simplest combination since it is about complementing a single color with its nuances, varying dark and light tones.
  • Complementary combination: It consists of combining two colors located opposite each other in the color circle that you will see below.
  • Analog Match: Match 2 to 5 colors placed together on the circle.
  • Complementary combination separately: the opposite color is not used as in the normal complementary combination, but in this case, we use the colors located next to it.
  • Triad combination: this is the name given to the combination marked by contrasts that are achieved when we use three different colors at the same distance.
  • Tetrad combination: a combination of 4 colors, two of which are alternate analogs plus their complementary ones.
  • Square combination: For this type of combination, we play with 4 colors that are at the same distance from each other.

Taking all these possible combinations into account, we can build daring, classic, elegant and / or fun outfits that allow us to be fashionable and define our personality with style.

colors that go with blue clothes

Combine blue and white – a safe bet!

We already know that white sticks with all colors, however blue is still a favorite. Whether you want to bet on seafaring fashion or want to experiment with different shades of blue, white is the perfect companion.

So, those who want to go for sure will find the perfect combination in these classic colors.

Combine blue with black

You can not miss black, another color that suits everything. We recommend that you bet on this combination during the colder months since black will allow you to combine jackets and coats of different shades without jeopardizing your outfit’s cohesion.

Blue and Gray – Maximum Elegance

Do you want an elegant but casual outfit at the same time? In this case, the combination of gray and blue is perfect. As you will see in the images below, you can bet on jeans of a lifetime or choose more refined dress pants. Everything will depend on the occasion.

The best thing about combining blue with gray? Any shade is good, so you can wear both light blue and navy or turquoise.

Combine blue with yellow – Dare!

Combine a lemon yellow garment with the most classic blue? Of course! One of the trends that we like the most in recent seasons is this since it allows us to create attractive outfits that, especially in summer, will bring out your most fun side.

Although dark blue usually combines better with yellow, in the images below, we show you that everything will depend on your tastes. Do you dare?

Combine blue with orange to be fashionable

If you are passionate about fashion and are aware of each season’s latest news, you will already know that orange and blue marry perfectly.

Although it is a much more daring bet than the previous ones, we encourage you to add this warm and striking color to your wardrobe. If you are not used to wearing garish outfits, start by introducing some orange accessories to your outfit or go for jeans that you feel more comfortable with.

Combine blue and red – is it a good idea?

The million-dollar question: is combining blue with red a good idea? Yes, but be careful!

Once again, adding accessories of this color to your outfit is a good step to start, as well as betting on a red shoe. However, we want you to leave your comfort zone and dare you with a more risky style, so here are some examples that can inspire you when combining blue with passion red.

Combine blue with lilac – go to the latest!

Blue and lilac are not exactly next to each other in the color palette, they share some characteristics that have made this combination a very attractive bet in recent seasons.

If you are passionate about fashion and are always ready to try new things, we recommend that you mix these two colors without fear; with striking garments and accessories to match. But if what you want is to start with something more subtle and casual, you should know that pastel colors can be great allies.

Colors that match blue – other tips

Now you know what colors combine with blue, but are there any mistakes you should avoid?

Although few colors do not fit well with our protagonist, we do want to give you some tips to avoid screwing up with your outfit:

Be careful when combining blue with blue: Blue is a versatile color that can look great with a wide range of colors. Thus, betting on two different shades of blue can make your look monotonous and somewhat boring. Do you know how you can remedy this problem? With the total look!

Leave brown aside: Although it will depend on the shade of brown you want to opt for, this mixture is a little more difficult to marry than the rest, so we advise you to avoid it or dare only with this mixture when there is a Texan garment in between, like some blue jeans of a lifetime.

Blue and green … does it bite?

surely you have heard it once. However, we want to affirm that this is no longer the case since the combination of blue and green is increasingly present on the street and the catwalks. Of course, it is a risky combination that not everyone can carry out. If you want to be safe and take it easy, start by adding some green accessories to your outfit.

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