Here are the best Android launchers in 2022

Whether you’re in need of something minimal to theme to your heart’s content or require a launcher for business to keep your work on track, online casino New Zealand have you covered with the best Android launchers available now.

Niagara Launcher

The Niagara Launcher arrived out of beta on the Play Store in early 2021 and found a good bit of success over the last year. Niagara is a minimalist launcher that offers quality ergonomics, thanks to its app list that scrolls vertically, line by line. This allows you to control your device one-handed with ease. The app list is also adaptive, which puts the apps you need at your fingertips precisely when you need them. That’s especially useful when it comes to messengers and email apps.

Square Home

A launcher that’s been around since 2016, Square Home might not have a ton of name recognition, but it’s certainly a favorite amongst users that enjoy minimal designs that are intuitive to navigate. What’s nice is that widgets are supported despite the grid-based layout (your choice of scrolling horizontally or vertically), and you can certainly pack every inch of the screen with all kinds of useful shortcuts.


This one’s for all of you Android TV users out there, especially the ones who hate advertisements. FLauncher is an open source launcher for ATV devices, offering a familiar grid layout for your apps without any ads. Seeing that Google insists on shoving ads onto all ATV devices, replacing the homescreen is definitely a way to work around such an irritating problem, which won’t come in the way of your gaming experience at sports bet.

Microsoft Launcher

Even though we’re discussing Android launchers, the Microsoft Launcher actually offers a quality experience. It packs all the expected features, including custom icons, custom wallpapers, and a dark theme. Of course, since this launcher comes from Microsoft, it also ties into many of the company’s products, including the option to sign in with a Microsoft account to access tasks, calendar events, and other services.

Lawnchair 2

Check out Lawnchair 2 if you’re looking for something that’s close to stock Android, but far more customizable. It’s based on Launcher3 from AOSP. While the Play Store listing hasn’t been updated since 2019, the app runs fine, though gesture navigation support is missing entirely. The good news is that the developer is working on a new launcher based on Launcher3 from Android 12 — hence the name Lawnchair 12, which is currently in alpha.

Before Launcher

Before Launcher is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple launcher that doesn’t get in your way. Its self-described as a minimal launcher, where each app shortcut is simply a word on the screen. Changing a wallpaper and a few shortcuts is just about as deep as customization gets, keeping things simple, but leaving an opportunity for a few modifications, so things don’t grow stale.

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