How Does Michael Kors Serial Number Checker Work?

How Does Michael Kors Serial Number Checker Work?

Unlike other luxury brands, Michael Kors’s bags don’t have traditional serial numbers. This can make determining the authenticity of a Michael Kors bag you’ve found online challenging. Suppose you’re looking for a genuine Michael Kors bag. In that case, you may need to do some research and look for other indicators of authenticity, as the lack of a Michael Kors serial number can make the process a bit more complicated.

But that doesn’t mean Michael Kors products are just flying around the fashion world without identifiers. They use a combination of factors that can help you decode information about your bag and, yes, sometimes make a reasonable assessment of its authenticity.

Style Numbers and Date Codes

Style Numbers and Date Codes

Here’s how it works:

  • Style Numbers: The style number is the most reliable “number” on a Michael Kors bag. This refers to the specific design or model of the bag. While not unique to just your bag, it’s like a product code found on other everyday items.
  • Date Codes: Michael Kors often includes date codes inside their bags. These indicate when the bag was manufactured. It’s sometimes the only other series of numbers you’ll find beyond the style number.

Where to Find These Codes

The codes for Michael Kors’s bags usually reside on a white or cream-colored tag tucked inside the bag. Sometimes, codes may also be etched onto the casing, especially with watches. Here’s what you might encounter:

  • White Tag: Typically contains the style number towards the top (may look something like 30S9GTTT3L) and possibly a 4-digit date code underneath it.
  • Etching on Metal: This type of coding is primarily associated with Michael Kors watches, although it may occasionally be used on other hardware pieces.

Deciphering The Codes: Using What You’ve Got

Understanding a Michael Kors-style number isn’t rocket science, but the company has no official reference guide. It’s an in-house system only folks at MK genuinely know. Still, with a bit of internet sleuthing, you can find information. Sites specifically for designer handbag lovers are likely to have discussion threads or shared code examples by MK fans.

Date codes have varying structures:

  • Simple Version: A four-digit number (like 1601), where the first two digits likely represent the year (’16’ for 2016) and the last two digits the month (’01’ for January).
  • Factory ID + Date: Sometimes, there’ll be a letter, then three numbers for the factory, and then the four-digit code representing the year and month, like this: S1807

A Word of Caution

Here’s where things get tricky: counterfeiters aren’t stupid. Many high-quality fakes will replicate those internal white tags with style numbers and date codes. That’s why relying solely on the inner tag isn’t foolproof in authenticating a Michael Kors item.

If Not A Traditional Serial Number, How Do I Check Authenticity?

It’s a mix of art and science. The tag details provide some information, but here’s what else you need to investigate:

  1. Quality: Michael Kors is a luxury brand, which means top-notch quality. Inspect the seams, stitching, lining, and materials. Are they flawless, sturdy, and of high quality? Sloppiness often betrays a fake.
  2. The “Feel”: Have you owned an actual MK bag before or been able to see one in person? There’s an intangible quality to authentic luxury bags – how they feel, the weight of the hardware, the smell of genuine leather… it’s subtle, but those experienced with these products know it.
  3. Logos & Hardware: The “MK” logo should be consistent and crisp—no blurring or awkward spacing. Also, quality hardware will have some noticeable weight, not feeling cheap or light.
  4. The Seller: Where are you buying your bag from? A reputable department store or official MK outlet offers more peace of mind than a random online listing with spelling errors.

Can I Verify Michael Kors Codes Online?

Unfortunately, you can plug a style number or date code into no official Michael Kors database for instant verification.

The Role of Online Resources and Communities

The Role of Online Resources and Communities

While there’s no official tool, don’t underestimate the power of the internet and fashion-savvy communities:

  • Authentication Experts: Services like specialize in authenticating designer goods. For a fee, they will meticulously examine the photos you submit and professionally judge whether your item is genuine.
  • Forums and Enthusiast Sites: Sites dedicated to designer bags often have sections focusing on specific brands like Michael Kors. Knowledgeable members might be able to help you understand particular style numbers or point out red flags to watch out for based on your pictures.
  • Comparison Shopping: Looking at stock photos of your bag’s model on the official Michael Kors website or the website of a reliable retailer can be enlightening. Does yours compare favorably in color variations, logo placement, and all those little details?

Important Caveat About The Online World

The internet is vast, and unfortunately, misinformation exists alongside good advice. Always maintain a healthy dose of skepticism, cross-check information, and avoid taking one person’s opinion as gospel. Using various sources – authenticators, your sharp eye, and reputable online resources – is the most innovative way to build a complete picture when assessing your MK bag.


Does every single Michael Kors bag have a tag/date code?

Generally, yes. However, inconsistencies can happen, particularly with older, vintage pieces. However, a modern Michael Kors bag without an internal tag should immediately raise a red flag.

Can I authenticate my bag just by using the style and date codes?

Sadly, no. Think of style numbers and date codes as just pieces of the puzzle – important ones, but not the whole solution. Authenticity checks always need to go the extra mile with materials, craftsmanship, and other aspects we discussed.

My Michael Kors watch came with a long series of numbers. Is that the serial number?

Possibly! Sometimes, Michael Kors watches use a more extended alphanumeric serial number engraved on the case back. But they also may have style numbers similar to those used on bags.

I found a listing for a “brand new” MK bag, but the date code shows it’s from a few years ago. Is it fake?

Not necessarily. Stocking items for several seasons or selling older merchandise through outlet channels is not unusual for stores. It is worth double-checking the quality and the seller’s reputation to ensure nothing fishy is going on.

Can counterfeiters replicate style numbers and date codes?

Absolutely. Especially with high-quality fakes, counterfeiters will copy any visible identifiers to pass off their goods as original. That’s why verifying authenticity needs more than just focusing on specific codes.


While Michael Kors might not have the traditional serial number systems seen with some other designer brands, their combination of style numbers, date codes, and Michael Kors serial number still play a role in understanding a product.

However, authentication is detective work, not a simple code check. Learning how to tell if a Rolex is real is crucial; arm yourself with knowledge, carefully examine your item, and consider using a professional authentication service if you’re still unsure. Remember, luxury brands are an investment, and it pays to ensure you’re getting the real deal!

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