How to Pick the Perfect Hen Night Fancy Dress Outfit

Perfect Hen Night Fancy Dress Outfit

A hen night wouldn’t be complete without a fun fancy dress theme. Fancy dress is a great way to bring a party together and to add some frivolity to any night out. If you’re organizing a hen party, then follow our tips for picking the perfect fancy dress outfit.

Pick a Theme

Think about the bride’s interests and hobbies, and organize the fancy dress theme around that. For example, if she’s marrying a soldier (or if she’s in the army herself), then focus on a commando theme, with face paint and camouflage prints. If she loves music from the 60s, dress up in psychedelic prints and OTT eyelashes. It’s important that the hen party theme is individual and represents the bride. This Guardian article has some great alternative hen party ideas – perfect for any bride who wants something a little bit different.

Get Organised

Hen parties take a lot of planning, especially if there is a fancy dress theme. It’s important to let everyone know about the theme in advance, so they can plan and buy their costume in a good time. You can also research some fancy dress shops and email the link to other attendees so you can synchronize your outfits perfectly. Wedding Ideas magazine has some great tips. They discuss the importance of sticking to a budget; ‘Make sure you set a realistic budget for your girlies while retaining the feel of making a special effort for the bride’. Some people may not be able to afford ostentatious costumes, so make sure your plans are achievable.

Have Fun

Above all, the hen party fancy dress should be fun. You can’t go wrong with some classic deely-boppers and a mini veil. You can kit everyone out in a neon tutu, and you can >go to an online fashion shop to find the perfect neon tutu. They’re a cheap way to inject some amusement and can be worn over a normal outfit. Go for bright colors and some comedy accessories, like a pair of giant sunglasses or a giant Afro wig. If the bride has a mischievous personality, then she’ll love pulling on some fun and silly accessories.

It can be hard to keep everyone happy when planning a fancy dress theme, but with our top tips, you will be able to create an unforgettable hen party.

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