How to use a pumice stone: utilities and benefits

How to use a pumice stone

Pumice is a volcanic stone that can have a large number of shapes. It can be elongated or with many angles, giving you different benefits. In addition, its components come together during the cooling process of high viscosity magma. This process is the culprit that it has different characteristics.

It is usually white in color and has great resistance. It can withstand extreme cold, fire, or being out in the open without being damaged. It is a stone of medium hardness thanks to its high friability. In addition, it has low abrasive power, being ideal for working our skin with it.

What is pumice stone used for?How to use a pumice stone

Being a very versatile stone it can be given many different uses. One of the most common uses is in cosmetics. It is also used in construction, dentistry, manufacturing of different materials, or cleaning. This shows the great versatility it has.

In the field of beauty, health, or skin aesthetics, it is widely used. It is used for the manufacture of oils and creams, but also to remove dead skin. We can use it on the feet, corns, or roughness that we may have. It is also widely used when we do the pedicure, leaving the skin of the feet very soft. On the other hand, in the fashion world, it is used to make the worn effect on jeans. It is even so versatile that it can be used in toothpaste.

Exfoliation of the dermis of our feet is essential. It is an area that is sheltered all the time but suffers a lot of scratches. The use of heels and platform, standing for a long time, etc., produces roughness.

The pumice stone has a suitable texture to clean all the delicate surfaces of the foot. Rub the stone gently with a little water, this will remove the dead skin easily. In a very short time, we will have completely soft the area, providing us with great comfort. Another way to use it is to soak your feet in warm water and lather them with soap with a neutral pH. Inside the bucket, the roughness or calluses will be rubbed with the stone, with circular and smooth movements. It is not necessary to press a lot because having soft skin due to water, roughness is removed very easily.

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Tips for using a pumice stoneHow to use a pumice stone

It is recommended to always keep your feet soapy to have the best possible result. In case it is being absorbed, you have to apply more to prevent the skin from drying out. In addition, we will avoid that the process is painful, even though with a stone like this there should be no problem.

How often should we use the pumice stone? Dermatology experts recommend using it two to three times a week. In this way, feet will be soft, smooth, and free of roughness and calluses. This provides great comfort when we have to wear shoes.

It should be taken into account that its use will depend on the state and needs of our feet. If we have feet with calluses, one of the home remedies is the pumice stone that will get us to have smooth feet without calluses to show off at any time of the year, especially in summer.

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Other uses of this stone

A pedicure will always be much better with the use of this stone. We already know that its abrasive action eliminates hardness in a very short time and leaves the feet completely soft. It can also be used to remove calluses from the hands. Something ideal for people who have a strong physical job. With the use of this stone, it is possible to leave the skin of the hands soft and to eliminate calluses in a fast and effective way.

To do this, you have to do the same as with your feet. We must immerse our hands in warm water and let them soak for about ten minutes. This will make the skin softer and much easier to work with. When the skin is very soft, we will dry it with a towel and apply the pumice stone. Circular movements, without pressing too much. In no time the hardness will have been removed

Waxing is another of the uses of this stone that is not too well known, especially since there are many other methods for shaving. Using this stone, you can get rid of unwanted hair. It can be used to remove hair naturally and very gently, without suffering pain or discomfort. In addition, a pumice stone can also be used to remove ingrown hairs on the legs or arms. You just have to use the shower or while we take a bath. We must wait for the skin to be soft and then we will have to rub lightly against the skin. Always using circular movements. Did you know about all these uses of pumice stone?

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