Why did my acne come back?

Why did my acne come back

The appearance of pimples on the body is one of the most unpleasant aesthetic setbacks. Knowing how to eliminate them is useful, but if you have detected that you have a pimple that does not disappear or that many always appear in the same areas, you are not doing something right. Preventing acne of this type is more complicated than it may seem, so you will need help to get it. Here, we will discuss Why did my acne come back.

Ending the vicious cycle of the frequent appearance of pimples in the same body areas is possible. You need to know the probable causes of this problem and the best solutions for each of them. Find out why pimples appear in the same place and the different remedies for each cause by reading this article. Keep reading: Spa treatments are more than a luxury

Why did my acne come back?

Why did my acne come back

The oil from this type of grain creates a balloon under the skin, the cyst capsule, which inflates or deflates depending on the oil produced. Therefore, it is a grain that does not disappear completely. When you appreciate them on your skin, please do not remove them, as scars will appear. Better go to the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic, a contraceptive pill or spironolactone, depending on the cause of its appearance in your case.

In the case of being a specific cyst, opt for a classic treatment. There are several very effective cleansers, so look to remedies for blemishes instead of acne. They must contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.

Inappropriate skincare routines

Avoiding acne requires changes in your beauty routines. Touching your face, every time stress takes hold of you and the lack of mobile disinfection are habits that you need to modify. If pimples always appear on your chin, forehead or cheeks, and pimples on your eyebrows, it is due to these routines since they are the areas of the face that we touch the most.

These pimple breakouts are caused by friction, heat, and constant pressure against the skin, along with contact with bacteria. Therefore, this type of mechanical acne is easily eradicated: clean your mobile every week and after long chat sessions and keep your hands away from your face.

Squeeze and open the grain badly

Do you squeeze the acne on the side of the nose, on the forehead or in other areas insistently until it explodes? Even if you think that you will be able to eliminate it this way, you probably will not be able to. In these cases, the pimple usually becomes inflamed again and appears again in the same place. The bacteria present and the irritation cause the pimple to form in the same area or next to the one you previously removed.

Although it costs a lot, the best option to remove a pimple when seeing the white head is not to touch it, that is, to do nothing. If you do break it, you run the risk of scarring unless done by a professional. Despite this, if you fall into the temptation to burst these bad-smelling pimples, try to do it by applying a product containing salicylic acid.

Hormonal changes

No matter how many treatments and creams you apply, the pimples that appear due to hormonal acne are very difficult to predict. Women are the ones who suffer it since menstruation generates activation of the androgens produced in the sebaceous glands. In addition, it always takes place in the same area of ​​the body: the chin, the lower cheeks, the neck or the jaw.

Instead of continually popping pimples from hormonal acne, control your urges to prevent scars and blemishes on your skin. In this way, you will only get it to become infected. The best solution is to treat hormonal imbalances from within the body.

See a medical specialist find the best hormonal acne treatment. Dermatologists use spironolactone frequently for these cases. It is an androgen blocker, both with and without birth control. Spironolactone helps to counteract the different breakouts caused by hormonal acne.

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