5 Creative Ways to Brighten Dark Room

Finding the perfect level of lighting can be challenging but fun. It is also fundamental to almost every interior design style out there. Here are some awesome ideas to brighten any dark bedroom, kitchen or living room, following several analyses from online casino usa real money.

  1. Place mirrors near light sources

It’s an age old advice to use mirrors to expand visual space and brighten a dark room. However, to use your mirrors to its fullest potential, make sure to strategically place it near a light source. For example, a giant wall or floor mirror near a window can really amplify natural lighting. Placing table lamps or a floor lamp next to a mirror can also have a similar effect. For the best result, make sure that the lamp emits ambient lighting so it’s not too bright when reflected off the mirror.

  1. Fairy lights, candles, and other ambient light sources

If you’re looking to add just a touch more light without overdoing the luminosity of your room, you should try to decorate with some long fairy light strings, a group of large candles, orb lights, or other ambient lights. Not only will they offer just the right touch of luminosity, but also add tremendous charm and therapeutic feel. So long as they have a warm, yellow light, they will be perfect for your home. They create an intimate, hygge-like atmosphere that can effortlessly make even the most rugged industrial decor feel chic.

  1. Pick lighter color or transparent furniture

We usually choose our sofas, chairs and tables based on our personal style and what we think goes best together. That said, always consider how your furniture decisions impact the lighting level of your home. A small, dim room? A large, gray or navy sofa is probably not the best idea! A stylish, compact sofa in a lighter color like white, beige, or ivory will make your room look and feel a lot bigger and more spacious. More importantly, avoid walnut wood tables, bed frames or TV stands. Instead, consider something like a transparent acrylic coffee table, which can improve your gaming experience from the best casino in Australia.

  1. Cover floors with large, bright area rug

Brighten your room by treating your bare floors to a lightly colored rug. Not only will this add some softness and texture to your floors, but it will also make your floor glow. This is especially applicable if your dim space features dark floor boards. When selecting a color for your rug, you can opt for white/ivory, yellow, or some warmer hue combinations. To help expand visual space, make sure the rug is of larger size.

  1. Embrace white walls

Every decor guide you read probably mentions this, but it’s true – white really is the best solution to brighten a dark room. White sends light bouncing around your space, reflecting back onto other surfaces and making the space look much bigger than it is. Feel that white is just too boring? Consider adding ornamental trims on the ceilings for added texture, or paint one side with a refreshing color for some diversity.

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