What are Chapter 8 Chevrons and why they are important markings on a vehicle

The brightly coloured Red and Yellow markings or Chevrons on a vehicle as it passes you by on the motorway is a clear indicator that it is a works car or van and might have to stop on occasions to help other motorists or complete a maintenance issue at the side of the road.  Chapter 8 Chevrons are usually reserved for motorway or highway vans or wide load and Escort vehicles.  A professional company such as http://www.vehiclechevrons.com/ can provide these essential maintenance vehicles with any chevrons they may need.

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These bespoke Chevron kits are made to measure and fully assembled making them quick and easy to apply to each individual vehicle, either magnetically or by using the self-adhesive tapes that are securely fixed onto each one. Whether your vehicle is an Audi, B.M.W., Citroen, Dacia, Fiat or Volvo they can provide the Chevrons for your essential working transportation and at a great competitive price.  These Chevrons are considered a must have for vehicles that may have to stop on a busy motorway or highway, they will clearly indicate to other motorists that you comply with the strict regulations set out by the Department of Transportation.

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These essential maintenance and emergency vehicles are required to travel around the busy highways and byways of the country, enter work sites if necessary and stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway; having bright red and yellow markings allows them to stand out and be clearly visible.

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