Do racing cars go faster with Alloy wheels?

There is a considerable debate about mother racing fans. Does a car’s performance have anything to do with how it looks? A brand spanking new pair of alloys on a car can give the impression that it suddenly has a new burst of speed about it. The owners then find they need to keep that look up together, and that’s where Mobile Alloy Repair Cheltenham based company come in to help. What is the evidence to suggest that the look of the car makes the difference?

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In short, the engine, engineering and aerodynamics are what make the car a winner. However, how it looks can have a certain psychological effect on the driver so that they feel more confident and determined to drive the car to the best of their abilities. It also has an effect on those watching it who believe it is faster than it actually appears. Ford tried this with the upgraded Fiesta and Focus. They wanted the car to look like it was still moving even when it was stationary.

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A test was done under scientific conditions to see if superficial changes like colour and style to a car would make any difference. 6 Identical Fiestas in different colours were tested. The speed of the cars was all the same. Stickers and decals were added, and nothing changed. However, when two white stripes were painted down the middle of the dark blue model, it suddenly seemed to gain two or 3 miles an hour more than the others.

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