The difference between a bookkeeper and accountant

It seems that there is some confusion in people’s minds as to the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. Initial thoughts suggest that they are one and the same. However, this could not be more different. If you are in need of an accountant you should go to, an Accountants Bath organisation. The fact is there are considerable differences between the work of the bookkeeper and that of the accountant. Let’s review them here.

A bookkeeper is an essential part of your business operations.  Without them the income and outgoings of the industry would be impossible to reconcile. It is these detailed and focused individuals that will ensure that the financial blood flow of the company is clear and auditable. It is a role that should not be underestimated and it is essential to get the right team in to do the job.

The work of the accountant is to take those well documented figures and convert them into something that can be presentable to the public, shareholders, investors and the company employees themselves. This is another important skill and without this input the nature of the figures, and what they can tell us is lost. The dryness and coldness of figures is not helpful when it comes to being understood. The accountant will interpret the figures and illustrate them. They will also advise on matters to do with the world of Tax and investments. They will be able to tell you where to streamline the business and make sure you are maximising all of the revenue streams and cost reductions.

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