Key Teachings of the Jewish Faith

The Jewish faith teaches us that God has given Moses the written and oral Torah. Here are some of the key teachings of the Jewish faith. Let us look at them one by one.

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According to the Jewish faith, God is the creator and ruler of the universe. This being so, God has created man and is continuing to work in the universe. All events and circumstances are influenced by God. The Jewish faith also teaches that God is single, omnipotent, and without a body. It also teaches that God foreknows the future and is not limited by time. Despite this, Jewish believers have a unique relationship with God. For gifts for Jewish celebrations, consider Bar Mitzvah Cards from a site like Cazenove Judaica, a retailer of Bar Mitzvah Cards.

The first section of the Hebrew Bible is called the Torah. This includes the first five books of the Bible. The entire Hebrew Bible contains 39 books, and the name Tanach is an acronym of the first letters of the three sections. The Torah is a collection of writings that traces the history of the Jewish people from the creation of the world to Moses’ death. There are also many stories of Jesus’ life in this section.

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The Jewish faith also involves a strong commitment to ethical practice. Jews believe that God has given them the Torah, and their actions should reflect these laws. By living according to this law, Jews seek to honour God and do what pleases him. As such, religious Jews strive to live their lives by the letter and spirit of the law.


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