When singers become actors

There are many cases where singers try to move into a new field of art and try their hand at acting. In some ways, it’s not difficult to see how the transition can be made. When someone is singing a song they have to act it out and make it come alive for the audience. The same is true for actors when playing a part. It hasn’t always been a success but here are a few examples where it worked out well and a hit movie has been made.

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  1. Ocean’s Eleven. The original film saw Frank Sinatra and his band of friends, known as the Rat Pack join him in a heist movie. Frank was already a film star and actor in his own right, but for Sammie Davis Jnr and Dean Martin, this was new territory. The film centres on Danny Ocean’s scheme to steal money from some major Casinos in Las Vegas. As it was set in the 60s this was easy to spend, unlike now with AML ID CHECK like those from https://www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/aml-id-checks.
  2. Friends with Benefits. Being a child actor working for Disney is a demanding job. You’re expected to be able to sing, dance and Act all at the same time. Prime examples of this are Zendaya, Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron and Justin Timberlake. Justin has made a great career with some critically acclaimed albums and films, like this one with Mila Kunis.

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  1. The Man who fell to Earth. David Bowie entered the world of acting with his ethereal performance as an alien who wants to save his own planet by transporting water from the earth back to it. He was applauded for the performance and made several others including Mr Christmas Mr Lawrence, Labyrinth and Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me.

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