Why Drain Cleaning Chemicals Can Damage Pipes

Most homeowners know that drain cleaning chemicals can cause severe damage to pipes, but many people still use them. Not only are they dangerous for your health, but they can also cause costly repairs.

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It’s important to know that drain cleaners can cause damage, especially to plastic pipes. These substances contain caustic materials, which can eat away at your pipes and lead to a leak. Even worse, they can also create a chemical reaction that causes your pipe to warp or break.

Another common mistake that people make when using drain cleaning chemicals, is to think that this is a long term solution. Serious blockages or pipe damage will still remain or reoccur and chemicals may not get to the heart of the problem. For details on Drain Lining London, go to Drainpower

These chemicals can burn your skin resulting in serious chemical burns and a trip to the emergency room. Instead, try the more natural way of clearing the drain. Alternatively, you can try combining baking soda and vinegar, which have the same effect as commercial chemical cleaners. Both of these solutions should be mixed well and left overnight to allow the ingredients to react.

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There are several reasons why drain cleaning chemicals can harm your pipes. First, they release volatile organic compounds into the air. These VOCs can be harmful to your health. In fact, researchers have found that household cleaning chemicals are a major contributor to air pollution in some cities. Secondly, chemical drain cleaners can damage plastic pipes. In fact, most of the drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid, which can dissolve metal and other materials, including pipes.

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