How wind can damage your roof

Roofs can be damaged in a number of different ways, but the most common ones often involve extreme weather of one type or another. Wind, in particular, can cause lots of damage to your roof, and you can see you need to reset some of your roof tiles and add Roof sealant like that from CT1 to make sure they remain in place.

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There are several ways that wind can damage your roof, and here are a few of them.

Strong winds can lift your shingles and tiles and cause them to move out of place. In some instances, this can result in small gaps appearing between the tiles and in other cases, it can cause the tiles to break completely. Either way, you will need to replace the tiles that have moved or been damaged and set them back into place.

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Other damage can occur by high winds causing debris to become lodged on your roof. This can be in the form of branches and twigs. If these get stuck underneath the tiles, it can cause them to lift from their setting place and leave the roof open to damage from the rain. Debris can also block gutters and pipes, which has an impact on the flow of water off the roof. The water flow can then leak down the side of the house and out of the downpipes.

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