Documents that you need to shred

With the dramatic increase in fraud over the last two years, it has become apparent that the need to protect our personal information is paramount. Fraudsters are becoming more and more adept at finding ways to pose as legitimate agencies. For example, they will call, email, or use the post to try and extract that last piece of information from you, namely your bank account details. Alternatively, they may try to get you to transfer cash to a bogus account. The more information that they have on you, the more they will seem plausible.

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In most cases, your data has been sold or stolen somewhere, or it is just a random caller using a machine that generates numbers. However, there are cases where your rubbish may have been sifted through and your details found.

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It’s why you need the services of some Confidential Shredding like those from to make sure it is properly shredded. The sort of information that you should shred is

–          Bank Statements – if you still get them by post. Not all the numbers will be included, but a clever scammer can make it seem as if they have them.

–          Utility bills – Store them online if need be.

–          Anything with your name and address on it.

–          Council Tax bills

–          Credit and Debit Cards that are past their expiry date.

Any of these could be used to try and either gain access to your data via yourself or by someone pretending to be you.

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