Ways to care for your curtains

Once you have had some beautiful curtains designed and made from Curtain Makers London ways such as The Boys who Sew you will want to ensure that they stay in tip-top condition for many years to come. There are some great ways that you can care for your curtains, but you should always follow the manufacturers guidelines.

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Washing – when it comes to washing your curtains, there are some that can be washed in a machine at a low temperature and then there are those that need to be either hand washed or dry cleaned. It is important that you carefully follow the guidelines on your curtains so as not to spoil them.

Tumble dried – even machine washable curtains should be air dried and never placed in a tumble drier. If you can find a place where you can safely lay them out flat to dry this is often the best option for ensuring that the fibres aren’t pverstretched whilst they are damp.This can lead to the curtains being pulled out of shape.

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Ironing – if your curtains are creased you can in comse cases use an iron them (again always check the instructions as some materials can not be ironed). Always do this on a low heat and where possible with a clean, light coloured cloth between the iron and the curtain material.

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