The creation of the NHS and Social Care

We’ve come to take for granted the provision of universal health care that the NHS gives us. We’ve also come to rely on the assistance of the Welfare state when we need help following redundancy or a troubling financial situation and when we retire. However, you must remember that the NHS and the welfare state have only been around for seventy-two years. That’s barely any time at all. Its mission was to provide free medical care, at no cost to everyone regardless of position in society or, crucially, the ability to pay. The Welfare state was created to help use public funds to support families with children, the disabled, those that had retired and those that were sick or unemployed.

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It created a whole wealth of jobs that needed to be filled. It means that Care Jobs Gloucester way, or anywhere else for that matter, were suddenly available, and a new set of skills were required to do them correctly. You only have to look at the amount available at to see that there is plenty of work around and plenty of people that need help who are in vulnerable circumstances.

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From the late 1940s onwards, the Labour Government created a raft of legislation that fundamentally changed the way Britain was socially. Before this, the poor and infirm were cared for by the Church, charities or piecemeal local authorities. The quality of this care differed significantly by region.

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