Ways to Grab Attention at the Start of a Speech

If you are preparing a speech, one of the ways to grab the audience’s attention is by using humour. Laughter will help you get the attention of your audience, but be careful not to be offensive. Choose a topic that does not offend your audience.

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Using statistics can also grab attention. Another effective strategy to grab attention at the start of a speech is asking the audience to imagine something, such as a certain scenario or image. It is a way to involve the listener and set the direction for the speaker’s thoughts. When you need Public speaking courses, go to collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk

Using attention-getting devices is crucial to your success in public speaking. While many people believe that the content is enough to attract the attention of the audience, the reality is far more complicated. The first 60 seconds of your speech are critical to your success in persuading the audience. A successful speaker will use this time to present a thesis, introduce a compelling reason for the audience to listen to what he or she has to say, and then transition to the body of the speech.

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Other ways to get the audience’s attention are to use inside jokes or an interesting story. These can be anecdotal and keep them on their toes. A good attention-getter should also be backed up by facts and figures. These attention-getters should capture the audience’s interest and engage them. So, remember that the audience will be more attentive to the information if it’s backed up by figures or unusual facts.


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