How to tell if dog has fever?

how to tell if dog has fever

Dog fever is a very common issue that affects dogs. What owners need to know about this matter is what dog fever is, how to tell if dog has fever. While the cause of a specific case of fever remains unknown, it may be due to an infection or an injury. In any case, when a dog has fever it is important to have them under veterinary care.

How to tell if dog has fever?

There are several ways in which a dog owner can have their sick pet checked to see if they have a fever, but the most accurate way is through a temperature reader. However, this being said, it is highly recommended to bring your pet to a veterinary clinic so that they may do a thorough check-up and prescribe treatment accordingly. Read also: Things To Know About CBD Dog Treats

how to tell if dog has fever


It is an early sign of fever in dogs. It is best for dog owners to notice shivering, restlessness and loss of appetite as they are all warning signs that a dog has a fever and needs to be checked up on right away.

Runny nose

It is highly likely that the dog has a fever if they have a runny nose. The runny nose can be caused by several reasons, but it is usually because the pet has an infection or caught a common cold that will require proper treatment.

High heart rate

Another sign that dog owners can look out for when trying to figure out if their pet has a fever is whether or not their heart rate is high. If the dog’s heart rate is greater than 100 bpm, it means that they have a fever and it would be wise to take them to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

Lack of appetite

Another sign of dog fever is when the dog is not interested in food. This may be due to a tummy ache, but it can also be because of a fever which the owner will need to notice by keeping track of any other warning signs.


It is likely that a dog has fever if they have been throwing up. It could be caused by an injury, but the dog owner needs to be aware of this and take their pet in for a check-up as soon as possible.

Increased heart rate

It is very likely that fever makes dogs’ hearts beat faster. It can be dangerous if it goes too high, so it’s important to see a veterinary physician getting proper treatment.


If a dog is less active, it may have a fever. A behavior change when sick is common and owners should be aware of this.


It is a sign that dog has a fever if they are panting. It may be due to hot weather, but it is best to take precautions and check with a veterinarian about the possibility of the pet having a fever.

Unusual tiredness or grogginess

Any sort of unusual behavior when normally the dog does not have this behavior needs to be looked into immediately.


If the dog has a cough, it may be due to an infection or because of fever. Either way, the dog will need to see a veterinarian for treatment.


These symptoms are what dog owners should look out for if they know whether their beloved pet has a fever. Fever usually doesn’t last forever and, as long as it is not too high, can be treated. Most importantly, dog owners need to seek medical attention right away if their sick pet shows any of these symptoms.

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