The key to a successful wedding.

There are many factors that make up a successful wedding.. Here are a few material things that you need to have in place to ensure that the big day goes well.

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  1. Have a first dance song ready and practice a few dance moves to it. You don’t have to have a whole routine set up. You just need to look in sync with each other. Don’t pick a generic tune. Pick something that means something to you both.
  2. Make sure you are happy with the venue. Wedding Venues Northampton way like provide one of the best places you can have in that area. Scout out a few places first and see what you can get for your money. Try and find somewhere that will take care of all the details. The last thing that you need to worry about is all the planning and food.

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  1. Say yes to the dress, and to the suits. It’s vital that you have a dress you feel good in. Conversely, it’s vital that you feel good in the suit if you are the groom,
  2. Know what food you are serving. Have a definite idea of what the menu is and make sure that the guests know what it will be. Also, have the drinks sorted. Get a bar. You and the invited will want one. It doesn’t have to be one that serves alcohol.

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