How Do You Decorate Space Between Two Windows?

How Do You Decorate Space Between Two Windows?

Decorating the space between two windows can be a daunting task as it often goes unnoticed and is difficult to style. But with some innovative ideas and creative decorations, you can transform that awkward area into a charming focal point and enhance the overall look of your room. If you are struggling with decorating the space between your windows, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some tips and ideas on how to stylishly decorate the area between two windows.

Consider the Function

Before picking any decor, think about how you want to utilize the space. Here are some common functions for a window niche:

Display Artwork or Decor

Display Artwork or Decor

This is probably the most popular use for the space between windows. Discover how to decorate between two windows by hanging a painting or photo between them to draw the eye. Or place a tall vase, statue, or other decorative item on a table or console table centered between the windows. The windows will frame the display.

Add Seating

You can fit a small bench or chair between two windows. Flank it with petite side tables for an intimate reading nook. Or use two arm chairs and a small coffee table in a wider niche to create a conversational seating area.

Built-In Shelving

Install custom built-in bookshelves or display shelving in the niche. Then style the shelves with books, collectibles, plants, or art objects. Built-ins maximize the available space.

Desk or Work Area

A desk or work table fit nicely between windows. The ambient light from the windows makes it an ideal spot for tasks like paying bills, working on a laptop, or doing crafts.

Select the Right Furniture

Once you’ve decided on the niche’s purpose, choose appropriate furniture. Measure the niche width to select a bench, desk, or shelving unit that fits. Look for compact, narrow pieces to prevent a cramped feel. Here are some good options:

  • Slender console table
  • Narrow bookcase or etageres
  • Entryway bench or half bench
  • Small secretary desk or laptop desk
  • Round side table or pedestal table

Avoid furniture that’s too bulky or expansive for the space. For example, a full-size couch or sectional will overwhelm the niche. Opt for furniture with short or transparent legs to maintain an open, airy feel.

Style the Space Attractively

Style the Space Attractively

The decorating style you use will set the aesthetic tone for the whole room. Here are some stylish ways to decorate a window niche:

Rustic Farmhouse

  • Galvanized metal buckets of flowers
  • Vintage signs and framed botanical prints
  • Antique ladder holding plants
  • Wire basket storage unit
  • Checkered cushions on wood bench

Modern and Sleek

  • Geometric lamp
  • Floating wall shelves
  • Glass vases and decor objects
  • Tufted leather bench
  • Acrylic coffee table

Traditional and Elegant

  • Upholstered arm chairs
  • Hardwood console table
  • Oil paintings in gilt frames
  • Vase of floral arrangement
  • Tray with crystal decanters

Mix colors, textures, and eras to give the niche an eclectic personality. The windows on each side create natural symmetry, so use that to your advantage by placing matching chairs or similar artworks on each side.

Smart Lighting Makes a Difference

Proper illumination can make or break a window niche design. Use a mix of lighting sources to make the space warm, welcoming and easy to use:

  • Table or floor lamps for overall ambient lighting
  • Sconces or picture lights to highlight wall art
  • Under cabinet lights for a desk area
  • Track lighting to shine down on shelving

Dimmers allow you to control light levels. And smart bulbs like Philips Hue can bathe the niche in any color. Position lamps symmetrically on both sides of the space.

Add Greenery for Freshness

Plants instantly liven up any space. And the bay of windows provides ideal natural light for growing greenery. Place potted plants atop console tables or on the floor. Hang trailing vines in macrame plant holders. Arrange succulents in patterned planters.

Or fill the niche with a vertical garden. Install wall-mounted shelving and cover with soil and cascading indoor plants. The greenery will create a living focal point between the windows.

Special Touches Complete the Look

Special Touches Complete the Look

Finish off your window niche with special touches and accessorizing. Here are some ideas:

  • Draw the eye upward with tall items like a floor lamp or fiddle leaf fig plant.
  • Layer rugs for cozy texture underfoot.
  • Arrange treasured framed photos or travel souvenirs.
  • Add personal touches like monogrammed pillows or favorite books.
  • Incorporate pet beds or cat towers if that’s where your furry friends like to hang out.
  • Display seasonal items like pumpkin decor or evergreen garlands.

With smart furniture choices, strategic decorating, and personal embellishments, you can create a window niche that becomes your favorite space in the home. The possibilities are truly endless!


1. What color should I paint the wall between two windows?

Go with a neutral color like white, beige, light grey, or tan. Neutral walls allow the other decor and objects in the niche to really shine. Bolder accent walls can also work well, but stick to lighter tones to keep the space feeling open and airy.

2. Should I hang curtains between the windows?

You can, but curtains have a tendency to make the space feel closed off. Sheer or transparent curtains minimize that effect. For a more open look, skip the drapes altogether and opt for stylish window treatments on the exterior windows only.

3. How should furniture be arranged in a window niche?

Place larger pieces like a sofa centrally, flanked by two chairs or tables. Locate desks or game tables against one wall to allow traffic flow. Angle furniture toward the center of the niche to create an inviting conversation area.

4. What size rug should I use between two windows?

Measure the niche and select a rug about 2 feet smaller than that on all sides. You want it anchored under the front legs of furniture pieces without extending beyond them. An oval or round rug works well.

5. Should I install recessed lighting in the window niche?

Recessed cans provide overall illumination. You may also want sconces or track lights to highlight displayed art and objects. Table and floor lamps add style and flexibility. Use dimmers and smart bulbs to control ambiance.


The space between two windows presents unique decorating challenges but also fun creative possibilities. Think about how you want to use the niche and select functional furniture pieces sized just right. Make stylish, personal decor choices that complement your home’s design aesthetic. Proper lighting and greenery liven up the space, while special touches give it character. Is it worth replacing the basement windows? Most importantly, consider leveraging the architectural detail of the new windows to frame and highlight whatever you place between them; with a touch of creativity, that once awkward empty space can transform into a beautiful centerpiece of your home’s decor.

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