How to clean iron plate?

how to clean iron plate

If you need to learn how to clean iron plate, this is the most appropriate article for you. We will introduce you to basic strategies that will help you leave the iron as new. It is one of the most important household appliances at home, so you should keep it in perfect condition for much longer.

How to clean iron plate?

The iron is used to make your clothes impeccable, so it will not have the correct effects if it is not in good condition. For this reason, pay careful attention to the suggestions of our domestic cleaning agency. Continue reading: How to clean suede couch

As with cleaning appliances of any kind, the iron also requires maintenance. Otherwise, the damage to the clothes will be evident, and you will probably have to replace the appliance. To save money, the house cleaning company has prepared effective tips.

how to clean iron plate

What cleaning involves?

On other occasions, we have taught how to clean the outside of the iron and the sole, which is filled with dirt. But talking about the internal ducts, the dirt will also be evident, especially when you are not careful. One of the most important areas of the plate is the deposit, which tends to accumulate lime.

This causes stains on clothes in the long run, and it is not what we want to happen. Be that as it may, our cleaning service company is ready to give you the best techniques. Let’s start immediately, so you won’t miss any important details.

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What should you clean?

To know the cleaning procedure correctly, you must know all the areas that you must clean. The internal structure of the iron may change depending on the model you have. However, certain specific parts do not vary in any element.

Cleaning covers the water tank, outlet holes and ducts, and we will analyze each case later. The steps that we will give you are very effective, without the need for you to spend a lot of money. Learn now: Outdoor outlet not working

The dirt grounds

The remains of calcium carbonate from the water, also known as hard water or lime, are the most difficult to remove. Tartar is harmful, both for clothing and for household appliances. Then, we will introduce you to the best solutions to remove these problems.

Mold build-up could also occur on your iron, so we’ll show you basic steps to remove moisture. Remember that the water from the taps is not always the most appropriate for household appliances. Unfortunately, indeed, there is not always another option.

If you take the iron to a technician, they will tell you that the most serious problem that can occur inside is the concentration of lime. And this applies to all brands, so if you can’t solve this problem, don’t worry either. You can solve it if you carry out effective cleaning.

Clean the inside of the iron step by step

To make everything easier, we will teach you the steps you need to apply for this situation. It is a detailed tutorial that you must apply carefully, without missing any details. It is what will guarantee that everything remains in the best condition for longer.

Let’s start immediately. You are going to be surprised by these strategies.

Step one

Start by mixing equal parts white vinegar with distilled water in a bowl. These ingredients are perfect for cleaning metals, but also the inside of an iron. In addition, they are safe and inexpensive substances that will get you out of many troubles.

Step two

The second step is to prepare the cleaning solution, filling the tank with iron. Set the appliance to heat to the highest temperature possible. In case you don’t know the temperature level, just choose the cotton fabric option.

Step three

Use a soft, washed towel but no fabric softener to lay on top of the ironing board. Once the iron has fully heated up, you have to simulate the ironing movements on the towel. Do this for about 30 seconds, pause, and repeat the procedure three times.

Step four

Now you just have to empty the remains of the excess mixture and refill the iron. On this occasion, use only distilled water to release the remains of the previous substance. As you can see,

how to clean iron plate


Another of the most practical secrets is to use the self-cleaning functions of the iron. That’s right. The same appliance comes with a specific function that allows for complete hygiene. Of course, it is only available in the newest copies, although you probably already have them at home.

Measures of cleaning and maintenance have been moving along with technology and are something you should thank. In addition, today’s plates include specific systems that serve to avoid the concentration of lime. It is no secret to anyone that the pipes accumulate a lot of hard water, as do the tanks.

The steps to follow

The first thing you have to do is identify the self-cleaning function, also known as the anti-limescale function. To do this, the wisest thing to do is read the device’s instruction manual to find out what you will find. Each product has different names, but the operation is the same, or at least very similar.

The advantage of this method over the previous ones is that the plate cleans itself. You don’t need to do absolutely anything, not even simulate ironing. But remember, reading the manufacturer’s instructions is the most important thing in this situation.

Although the procedure is similar in all models, there may be some variations depending on the brand. These can be based on the amount of water or the waiting time for cleaning.

Final steps on how to clean the inside of the iron
To finish, you only have to disconnect the iron and place it in a safe place. When the self-cleaning process is finished, the iron will expel all the steam from its interior. So, turn to the sink or a bathtub to work safely.

If you are not careful, you can accidentally burn yourself, and it is not the goal of cleaning.

Clean the inside of the iron with white vinegar

We have used white vinegar before to clean the iron, but we will give you an additional suggestion. It consists of using it in the steam tank to release all the dirt inside. Sometimes just removing the lime and simulating ironing is not enough.

In this situation, white vinegar is one of the most effective, as it has multiple applications. It serves to disinfect, kill bacteria and remove all mineral remains. See what you have to do. The steps are really simple and effective and do not present any complications.

Steps to follow with vinegar

Start by filling the water tank with white vinegar, or if you prefer, equal parts of it with water. You should do it when the iron is cold and disconnected from the electrical current. Subsequently, press the steam button so that the liquid comes out through the ducts of the iron.

This removes most of the limescale, although some may remain. If the dirt is very bad, it is inappropriate to use equal parts vinegar with water, but only white vinegar. Once you finish this process, you should use the distilled water again to remove the residue.

Additional tips

For the most difficult areas, such as the holes, a cotton swab is quite successful. Clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and high temperature until there is no residue. With all this, you have already achieved an effective, fast and safe cleaning.

Regularity is one of the most important aspects when cleaning an iron. Unfortunately, not many people pay proper attention to it and put off cleaning this appliance. But it is not something you should do, as the results will be completely dire.

You will not have to clean the iron every time you use it, as it is unnecessary. But it is appropriate that at least every three uses, you do minimum maintenance. In this way, you will prevent limescale from accumulating, just like any other type of dirt inside.

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