How to fix blue screen windows 10?

How to fix blue screen windows 10

Blue screen of death is a very common error message when using Windows operating system. It can occur due to many reasons. The most common causes of BSOD are hardware failure, software malfunction, and driver problems. In this article, we’ll explain how to fix blue screen windows 10.

How to fix blue screen windows 10?

Step 1: Start the System Restore: If you have Windows 10, you should start the system restore before doing anything else.

Step 2: Restart: Once you start the system restore, reboot your computer.

Step 3: Remove all programs: Before you restart, remove all programs and files from your computer. This includes the programs you use for email, social media, and other programs.

Step 4: Run System Restore: After you reboot, run the system restore.

Step 5: Reboot: When the system restore is finished, reboot your computer.

Step 6: Test: Once your computer is back to normal, test it to see if it works properly.

What is causing blue screen windows 10?

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the technical term for a computer crash. It means the computer has stopped working.

2. When you first turn on your computer, it will start loading programs. Some of these programs might be slow to load. If you notice that your computer is starting to freeze or that it takes a long time to start up, it could be that a program is taking too long to load.

3. If your computer starts to slow down or freezes, or if you see an error message on your screen, you should shut down your computer immediately. You can do this by pressing the power button on your computer, or by pressing the ‘End Task’ button.

4. Once you’ve shut down your computer, you should restart it. You can do this by turning it off completely, then turning it back on again. You can also restart it by using the ‘Restart’ option on your computer’s Start menu.

5. If you have any further problems with your computer, you should contact your computer repair company. You’ll need to give them all the information they ask for, and they should be able to help you to fix the problem.

In conclusion, This error message is usually caused by a driver or a system file that is corrupted. There are several steps that you can take to try to fix this problem. The first thing you should do is to check your system for malware. If you don’t have any malware, then the next thing you should do is to run a full scan of your PC with the latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. You can also try to run your antivirus program.

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