How to Prevent Your Skateboard from Unwanted Spins

How to Prevent Your Skateboard from Unwanted Spins

To stop a skateboard from turning by itself, adjust the tightness of the trucks to decrease twitchiness. Proper truck maintenance is key to preventing automatic turning.

Maintaining control over your skateboard is essential not only for performing tricks but also for safety reasons. If your tends to turn on its own, it can be frustrating and pose a risk of accidents. By following these steps to correct the issue, you can ensure a smoother and more controlled riding experience.

We will explore the common reasons why skateboards may turn by themselves and provide you with practical solutions to address this problem effectively.

Choosing The Right Trucks

Choosing The Right Trucks

When selecting trucks, the width is essential for stability, as highlighted on It’s crucial to ensure the trucks match the width of your deck to maintain balance and prevent the from turning excessively. This alignment is especially important for riders using the goofy skateboard stance, as it affects their control and maneuverability. Another critical factor to consider is the kingpin angle, which influences how responsive the trucks are to turns. Adjusting the kingpin angle can significantly affect your ride; a higher angle may reduce turning sensitivity, making the less prone to sudden direction changes, while a lower angle can increase responsiveness, allowing for sharper turns. Experimenting with different angles is key to finding the best setting that complements your riding style and preferences.

Tightening The Hardware

Using Proper Tools:

Ensure the skateboard hardware is tight with a skate tool. Adjust the bolts until secure with no wobbling. Check tightness regularly to prevent uncontrolled turning. Proper tools are essential for effective adjustments. Keep hardware tightened to maintain stability.

Using Quality Bushings

Understanding Durometer: Choose bushings with the right durometer to prevent the skateboard from turning on its own. Different durometer ratings affect the bushings’ firmness.

Replacing Worn-Out Bushings: Periodically check the bushings and replace them when they show signs of wear. New bushings can help stabilize the movement.

Maintaining Proper Weight Distribution

One of the most crucial aspects to prevent a skateboard from turning by itself is maintaining a proper weight distribution. Adjusting trucks accordingly is of prime importance to achieve this. By doing so, you ensure that both the front and back wheels have an equal amount of pressure on them, allowing for smoother rides and better control.

Avoiding uneven weight placement is also key in maintaining stability while skateboarding. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet to evenly distribute the pressure on the skateboard. This prevents it from turning unexpectedly and enhances your ability to maintain balance.

Remember to regularly assess your weight distribution and make necessary adjustments to your trucks to ensure optimal performance. With proper weight distribution and balanced weight placement, you can enjoy a more controlled and stable skateboarding experience.

Developing Proper Riding Techniques

Developing Proper Riding Techniques

Developing proper riding techniques is essential to stop a skateboard from turning by itself. One of the most important aspects is implementing correct foot placement. Placing your feet in the right position on the skateboard deck can help you maintain control and prevent unwanted turning. Make sure to position your front foot angled slightly towards the nose, while your back foot rests on or near the tail of the skateboard. Learning controlled turns is another crucial skill to master. To execute a controlled turn, shift your weight towards the direction you want to turn, using your back foot to initiate the movement. Gradually increase this pressure to execute sharper turns. Remember to apply these techniques consistently and practice regularly to refine your skills and maintain control over your skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Stop Skateboard From Turning By Itself

How Can I Stop My Skateboard From Turning Too Much?

To prevent your skateboard from turning excessively, try tightening the truck bolts evenly on both sides. Adjusting the tightness will help achieve the desired level of responsiveness and stability while riding.

Why Does My Skateboard Turn By Itself?

A skateboard may turn by itself due to loose trucks. Tighten the bolts on the trucks to reduce the play and ensure they are evenly tightened. Additionally, check for worn-out bearings that might create uneven pressure on the wheels, causing the skateboard to turn unintentionally.

How Do I Improve Skateboard Stability?

To enhance stability on your skateboard, consider using wider trucks, which provide a wider base for stability. You can also experiment with harder bushings and a lower ride height to minimize the chances of wobbling and ensure a smoother and more controlled ride.

How Can I Reduce The Turning Radius Of My Skateboard?

To decrease the turning radius, tighten the trucks on your skateboard. By doing so, you limit the movement of the skateboard and improve its stability, making it easier to control when making sharp turns.


Learning how to stop your skateboard from turning by itself is crucial for maintaining control and safety. By understanding the causes and implementing the appropriate solutions, you can enjoy a smooth and stable ride. Explore What Not to Do When Skateboarding.
With regular practice and proper techniques, you can master the art of maintaining control over your skateboard.

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