What Bender are you? Find out more about your personality

what type of bender are you

What Bender are you? Most of us while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender series used to ask each other this question. Bending is the ability where you can control an element also it’s significant for many aspects of living in this world and it’s based on the owner’s personality. In the series, there were mainly four types of bending were featured such as water, air, fire, and earth.

However, each of these classical elements has its strength. Only Avatar can bend all elements which are the Aang protagonist of this series. Each of these elements can be manipulated by some specific martial art styles. Traditionally Bending can be performed by the movements of one’s feet and hands. Bending is the key material of this show but apart from these four basic elements, there are some of its subset of unique bending. Keep reading https://scuffedentertainment.com/what-bender-are-you/

Below you will find out What Bender are you?

Air Bender

Air bending power belongs to air nomads. They can manipulate or control air. They can create powerful blows, create balls of compressed air to use as a weapon, can flow some of them also manipulate clouds. If you are energetic, open-minded, and spiritual. You are a fun-loving person and always driven to freedom. Have a very peaceful mind and knows that violence is never the answer. You are practical and your pacifist nature is what everyone admires. You can easily brighten up someone’s day by making wise decisions. Helping others is your priority but do not like being tied down. If all this quality reflects on your personality you have got air bender.

Water Bender

Water bending ability only belongs to the water tribes. They can manipulate water with a versatile element. Uses water from lake, river and in some cases from air to fight. They use ice and fog as these are the forms of water. Can use their power for healing other’s injuries. Have a dark side in which ability to control the liquid in other person’s body to control them physically. If you are calm, love to go with the flow, collected, and laid-back. Also caring and kind you prefer to put other’s needs before yours. Water is an element of change. That is why you are open to change and can easily adapt yourself to any adverse situation. If all these matches with your nature you are an air bender.

Earth Bender

Earth bending ability mainly control by the Earth Kingdom. Base level element rock and earth are manipulated by Earth benders. They can bend sand also mud with the help of a water bender. Earth benders have a special significant ability to control lava as well as metal. Also, have a keen sense. If you are tough, loyal, fearless brave, and action-loving. You shine when you are given the role of a protector. You wait and listen for the right moment to make a decision. That is why you do not usually get tangled up in sticky situations. If these qualities visible inside your character then you are an Earth Bender.

Fire Bender

Fire bending is the symbol of fire nation and it can manipulate or create fire. This bending is most frequently related to evil. This bending is one of the most unpredictable and aggressive forms of bending which depends on the temperament of the benders. They have also the ability to control Combustion and lightning bending. Very few of them can read energy. If you are extremely passionate and often possess fiery personalities. You like to think the fight for what you think is worth fighting for. Sometimes you possibly get a bit arrogant but in the end, you always regain your senses. You are known for your intense and aggressive styles. You are a fire bender if all these qualities match your personality.

So, What Vender are you based on your personality. Let us know in the comment sections.

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