How do you play Rimworld multiplayer mod?

rimworld multiplayer mod

I recently purchased RimWorld on Steam, and I wanted to play the game with my friends.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that there was no official multiplayer mode for this game, but after looking through the Steam Workshop, I found many mods that promised to allow me to play with my friends.  After trying one of these mods, I decided to write this article so that others might benefit from my experience on rimworld multiplayer mod.

Is there a rimworld multiplayer mod?

Yes, there is a multiplayer mod for RimWorld!  The mod I used was created by the user “Kiame Vivacity”, and it can be found on the Steam Workshop. Keep reading: Will Mobile Gaming Replace Computers And Consoles?

rimworld multiplayer mod

Steps to play rimworld multiplayer mod

1. To begin with, make sure that you have RimWorld installed on Steam (it is available here), and that you are subscribed to the mod in question (I used this one and it worked fine).  You will also need to subscribe to any additional mods that the multiplayer mod requires; I had to subscribe to 6 others (including this one and this one ).  If you don’t subscribe to the required mods, the multiplayer mod won’t work.

2. Open up your RimWorld game, and start a new colony on some map; make sure that you pick “host as server” when starting the game.  After you have saved, quit the game.

3. Go into the RimWorld “Mods” folder, located in your Steam directory (I saved my downloaded mods here).  Inside this folder, create a new folder called “Multiplayer”.

4. Open up the mod that you wish to use for multiplayer; it will likely be an .esp file (in my case, it was a .zip file).  Inside this file will be another folder called “Managed”.  Move the entire “Multiplayer” folder that you created in step 3 into this new Managed folder (Your final destination should look like “…SteamsteamappscommonRimWorldModsManagedMultiplayer”).

5. Open up Steam, and subscribe to the mod.  Now, when you start RimWorld by opening it through Steam (rather than directly), the multiplayer mod should work.

Rimworld multiplayer mod list

Here are some of the more useful multiplayer mods that I found on the Steam Workshop, including the one that I have already linked to in this article.  All of these should work for RimWorld on PC. – Multiplayer Mod  – This mod is very popular and works well with many users.

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