How to Use Yard Signs to Target Very Specific Groups in Cities

When you’re trying to target very specific groups in specific communities, large-scale marketing techniques typically don’t work. Buying expensive ad spaces on popular websites or TV shows doesn’t make sense when your targets are local community members. “Hyperlocal” marketing tools like brochures, lawn signs, etc., are still amazing tools for gaining brand recognition in local communities.

Many marketers agree that highly targeted local messaging is better for local businesses. In many cases, traditional marketing tools work better than digital marketing techniques. If your company’s focus is on a specific group of people in a specific community, use low-cost marketing tools. Save money by using custom-printed yard and lawn signs. Here’s the guide to doing it –

Spread Your Costs

The leading sellers of high-quality customized yard signs offer very cost-effective services. Compared to billboards on popular roadways or targeted mailing campaigns, these signs cost nothing. That’s why smart business owners spread their costs while investing in signages. They acquire yard and lawn signs of different shapes and sizes and use them throughout the year.

Here are some different types of signs these businesses use throughout the year –

  • Seasonal Signs: Celebrate seasonal events by greeting target customers. The people who see the signs will associate the company name with the event/occasion.
  • Safety Signs: Let the community know about the caring side of the company. Share free information about social distancing, sanitation, etc.
  • Sports Signs: Rally support for local sports teams to garner free attention for the company.

Smart business owners install various signs outside their stores, in their yards, or in public places, throughout the year. For very little costs, they get to target specific audience groups throughout the year.

Cover the Radius

Most customers of local businesses reside/work within a five-ten-mile radius of the businesses. The people who see the customized signs are, in all likeliness, future customers. That’s why business owners must install their signs in high-traffic locations of the community.

Don’t install signs and leave them there for months. Move them regularly to find new eyes and new audiences. Within a few months, your company’s name will become familiar with the people who live inside your “marketing radius.”

Combine Local Topics with Relevant Trends

There are few ways in which a yard sign is different from any other promotional material.

  • Signs are lightweight and easy to produce. Sign sellers can custom print and deliver hundreds of high-quality signs within a month.
  • These signs are cheap, so businesses don’t have to break the bank to buy plenty of them.
  • Customizing these signs is a super-easy process. Business owners simply need to upload HQ artwork of their brand logo, design, etc. The sign makers create the perfect-looking promotional signs using these resources.

Combine these three qualities, and businesses can stay relevant all year. Keep track of relevant social or political trends that are affecting you and your surrounding communities. Then, keep updating your messages as per the responses you receive from local target audiences.

Provide new offers, use the latest design trends, and update your signs after conducting regular marketing research. Follow these steps to ensure your local community is aware of your business’s name at all times!

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