Shark Robotic Vacuum Not Charging Fix It

Shark Robotic Vacuum

In today’s article, we are going to be talking about shark robot vacuum charging issues. If you have a 725, 750, or 850 or a thousand series does not charge. There is we have coming to make it simple to fix.


The gray brush assembly or possibly blue, depending on what model you got. If they have a yellow brush roller or a yellow cover, they’re going to be a 700, 725, or 750, not underscore in. So, it’s gonna be a 750 or 725. So. What we’re going to be talking about is not charging and I’ll get to the other robots here in a minute.

So just start with, make sure it’s on right now. So, it’s off now let’s come up to our charger here. We have a single base charger and here we have the dual based charger.

This is if you have a wand assembly on the right side, there’s going to be a little green led on both of these. Now, if you have a 700 series, 725 or 750.

That has a yellow bottom. You’re going to need the charter with a removable plug on the side. So, the plug actually pops off and, on those chargers, have a different sensor in them that these will not detect.

And those robots will not detect these. So, make sure you have the bright base next we’ve checked the light.

Our robot has power and still, we go to send that home and it cannot find a home because there’s no power. Okay, so make sure the grain is on both of these.

So, there’s power here, power here, but it’s not finding the home. Well, if you take right here on the left side, let me get a Flathead screwdriver on real quick should’ve been a little more pair.

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Take a Part

So, I’m just gonna use a Phillips as one of the flats and on here, it comes to the right-hand side. So, the way that we orient the direction of parts is the robot facing forward behind the left side and right side.

When you flip it over, this is the right side and left side and we’re going to come to the right side. We’re going to find that little tab and pull this off and don’t break it.

I’ve never actually broken one and that’s the first so don’t do that and I’ve got more. It doesn’t matter in here. You’re going to see all these proximity sensors infrared lights. So, these infrared lights, the little black ones and the little, uh, clear ones you need to clean really well.

Those are what communicate and find location. Next, if it’s dusty on the chargers, just a little like sunglass looking area is going to be where the charger eyes and sensors are.

So once the robot picks up the light that the chargers shooting out, it will find its way to it and it will dock.

Say it’s going home and it’s just having all kinds of issues. If your robot won’t dock and it keeps going through it and flip it up and you have two charging pads that make contact with these two charging legs.

These legs are spring out of bed as you can see if you can hear this one starting to catch. Check that spring and spring can break and they’ll go fully depressed. If that’s the case, then someone’s going to find one leg.

It’s never going to make a complete connection. How do we fix that? Get a new charger or you can open up the charger?  So, you’ve determined your Springs are good.

Charging Pads

Now check the charging pads. Well, how do we check the charging pads?

There’s a couple of different ways and if you have more than one robot vacuum, you can try that. Um, you can go ahead and hook up a meter to this, which of course my meter is on in here.

Resistance or voltage that’s coming off the battery because there should be a little bit of current and coming through here, won’t be a lot better, should be a little bit of voltage.

This one’s got like a film on it from where it probably runs through some water. This is a really nasty robot.

To be honest it’s got dirt. It looks like it was kept in the garage. You can, what you can do with that is take a little brush or a razor blade and a scrape off any debris off those and clean them up.

That’s the thing you use a little brush and very clean those up real good. So, it’s not It could be a solder joint.

It could be the motherboard it’s completely dead. It could even be the battery and the battery is not charging.

But generally, if the battery is charging, when you go up on it, it is going to show you the blinking lights.

So let me go ahead and plug one of these and I’m going to do a single charger just because it’s got water real quick.

So, we’ll go ahead and put that right their green lights on. So, if you come down to this step and you can measure off.


So, you’re going to bring it up there and you’re gonna be trying to find it and getting it to charge.

Now let me have it dock itself and It’s still having a hard time finding the charger and I think this one actually might have a bad charge on it.

It took a while and this one fully charged. So, it’s not going to actually start moving but so now one that defined that you wanted to find it.

Your shark robot vacuums a halfway dead battery and it doesn’t have any wheels and this one can’t dock it’s going to try and it’s got no wheels and that’s going to be given air.

This one’s right on that one and this one’s a little bit in and it does have a little bit of wiggle room and I have noticed with some robots that you have to have them a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right.

So, no big deal there and let’s say it’s completely dead and you’re really having a hard time for some reason, this will find its home and it just won’t work.

The best thing to do is to pull it back and push it all the way and go to the charger and slowly pull it back while wiggling left to right.

You have to play with it for a second, but once you think you got it then leave it for about a minute because sometimes the battery is so dead.

It won’t show the charging bar and let’s go ahead and bring it forward and you’re like it cool and It’s working.

That’s how to get your charger to work if it still is not working after all this. Whether it’s completely bad, or if it’s showing the charge and it just can’t find its home.

The first thing that I’m going to do, if I’ve tried testing or I don’t have the means to test it is I’m going to order a new charger and you can order those straight from shark for like 45 bucks or $40.

If there is no battery error and if it’s going to be a certain amount of flashing lights, depending on which model you have and this is 750 and 850 series. Make sure if you’re going to play anything you have a need to charger off.

You used 91% ISO approval alcohol and clean it and dry and It won’t harm it. Check for tears in your wires. If those green lights aren’t on, it’s not gonna work.

But the main issue that I’m seeing with people in chargers is it’s just not lined up. It died and they put it on their thing and it’s gonna charge now, you still have to get it lined up and once it lines up, it will start charging.


So hope this article helps you all out to solve your shark robot vac charging issue and if you have any questions or if you want to see more content like you can visit homeplix to get more information.

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