The best places to view Moscow

A trip to Russia might seem a strange choice but if you decide to go there are plenty of places where you can get a wonderful panoramic view of this great old city. It’s a good idea to see a city from it;s tallest buildings so that you can appreciate its size and also get an unusual view. Here are some of the best for the Russian capital. Some are so good you’ll even see some Roof sealant like the kind you can get from CT1.

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1. Central Children’s Store at Lubyanka.  A favourite place to visit for every Russian child this is also becoming a top attraction for some adults as well. It features a laser light show on the hour and there is even the chance to buy some Soviet era toys. The real draw is the view from the top. It affords a fantastic view of downtown Moscow and all its sights.

2. Ostankino Television Tower. As one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world the view from this North Moscow construction is very impressive. There are two observation towers that offer a great view of the city. It’s only open over the summer and spring months. Moscow winters are very cold and the decks glass fronts are not well insulated.

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3. The Russian Academy of Sciences. Not a tourist spot, it’s more a hang out for local Muscovites. However, as it’s free, and the views are brilliant, that might not stay the case for long.

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