Facts about Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is an incredible structure that is located in the Black Canyon along the Colorado River. It was constructed in the first part of the 1930s at the Arizona-Nevada state border. The dam and its arch are made entirely of concrete. When undertaking the construction of items this large it is important that the builders have access to concrete for delivery. A good Concrete Cheltenham company like www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-cheltenham is able to do this.

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It is 726 feet high and 1244 feet long. This was one of the most impressive feats of engineering that the USA was ever to take on. It would illustrate to the world how the US had risen to be a huge power on the globe as opposed to the frontier society that it had been some 30 years beforehand.

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It was built in the middle of the great depression. It gave hope and employment to thousands of workers in the construction industry. However, it was not without its cost in human life. From building in such difficult terrain, over one hundred workers were killed in industrial accidents during the period.

The dam is used for flood and silt control. It also houses a hydroelectric power station that allows the flow of water to generate electricity as a renewable power source. The dam also supplies a domestic water supply and agricultural irrigation.

It is such an impressive structure that the dam has also become a popular visitor destination with over seven million people visiting the site each year and over a million of them taking formal tours through the dam.





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