Three PlayStation 5 Features You Don’t Know (& Probably Don’t Need)

Earlier this year, Sony announced that a feature of PlayStation 5 will not be made available any longer. The feature is called ‘Accolades’, it lets users award points to opponents in multiplayer games. The reason for its purge is that people have not been using it. Well, I don’t think anybody will use a feature they didn’t know existed.

The PlayStation 5 is an amazing gaming console with a few good features and impressive accessibility options that made gaming easier and better for gamers. It also has a great built-in guide that gives hints for difficult games. In this article curated by online casino real money, we will be listing a few features of the PlayStation 5 that most people don’t know about, well maybe they are not even needed. Why will you want to give ‘accolades’ to an opponent that’s whopping your ass in a gaming event?



When you boot up your PlayStation 5, you will see an icon for the Explore app, which serves as a source for press releases from the console maker. This is a weird flex from Sony. If people are interested in reading video game news, they wouldn’t want to do that when gaming is their main purpose for booting the console up. There is a small column of news items for your games. You will be getting notifications of your video games, even if it’s one you’ve only played once. While many already have an idea about the Explore feature in PS5, people rarely use it and some haven’t even thought about entering it. Some have thought about best casino sites online more times than they’ve done for the Explore feature.


The Switcher

When you hear that there’s a Switcher feature on PS5, the first thing you think about is Xbox’s ‘Quick Resume’ which allows gamers to swap between suspend more than half a dozen games at a time. You can switch between these games without having to wait for the boot-up period for each game. The Quick Resume has been revolutionary in this console generation battle. This should be the case for the PS5’s Switcher feature.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. What the Switcher does is show you two of your most recently played games (including the one you’re using currently). When you switch games, you’ll have to start from scratch once more. There’s no resumption on this one, well at least Mateo Ronaldo don’t know about it.


Universal Search

There’s a search function that can be found in the upper-right corner of the PlayStation 5’s home screen. Once again, people barely use this feature of the PS5, nobody wants to be going through the hassle of punching in a console to search for things you can easily do with the PS Plus hub.

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