Trending August Wedding Colors

Trending August Wedding Colors

August is a highly sought-after month for weddings. The month boasts bright and sunny days, complemented by warm temperatures that create the perfect ambiance for couples to hold their ceremonies and receptions outdoors. The beautiful weather allows couples to exchange their vows amidst lush greenery, with colorful flowers in full bloom. The natural scenery creates a picturesque and romantic atmosphere that sets the tone for a memorable and enchanting celebration of love. When it comes to August wedding colors, couples want hues that complement the natural beauty of late summer.

Ethereal Lavender

Ethereal Lavender: August Wedding

Lavender is poised to be a top wedding color choice for August 2024. Its soft and romantic violet hue pairs beautifully with popular August wedding colors like sage green, blush pink, and creamy neutrals. Lavender evokes a sense of calm and tranquility, perfect for an elegant summer celebration.

Incorporate lavender into your August wedding with fresh lavender sprigs and purple roses. Lavender bridesmaid dresses also complement an August wedding palette. Linens in soft lavender hues also add a pop of color to reception tables.

Lavender is a breath of fresh air from the bolder jewel tones that tend to dominate spring and winter weddings. Its ethereal and airy vibe is ideal for warm-weather nuptials.

Timeless Sage Green

Sage green is an ever-popular choice for summer weddings. Its earthy yet refreshing tone pairs nicely with lavender blooms, creamy neuters, and light woods. Sage green represents growth and new beginnings, appropriate symbolism for a marriage.

Incorporate sage green into your wedding celebration through bouquets with purple and green flower mixes. Sage green bridesmaid dresses pop against late summer backdrops. At the reception, use sage green linens and napkins to complement wood reception tables and chairs.

Sage green is a great way to bring the lushness of an August landscape into your wedding palette. It feels natural for the season while still providing a pop of color.

Peachy Blush Tones

For an August wedding, blush pinks and peaches evoke images of summer fruits at their ripest. These flattering tones add warmth and brightness to a wedding palette. Pair blush pinks with sage greens, lavender, and cream for a balanced August color scheme.

Incorporate blush into your wedding with peachy-pink floral arrangements and centerpieces. Bridesmaids’ dresses in peach or pink hues complement the other colors beautifully. Blush tablecloths with a sage green napkin provide an inviting reception palette.

Blush is timeless and ideally suited for an August wedding when peach orchards are laden with fruit. It provides the right balance of sophistication and seasonal celebration.

Creamy Neutrals

Don’t overlook the power of creamy neutrals like ivory, beige, and buttery yellow when planning an August wedding palette. These soft hues are the perfect base for bolder punches of color like lavender, sage green, and blush pink. They keep the palette feeling light and airy for an August celebration.

Incorporate creamy neutrals through table linens, chair covers, and other decor elements. Use them intentionally as a neutral base to allow different colors to pop—accent with floral arrangements in lavender, peach, and sage green tones.

Creamy neutrals help create a palette that feels summery for an August wedding. Their versatility also allows for many possibilities regarding unique color combinations.

Metallic Gold Accents

Metallic Gold Accents:August Wedding

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some metallic gold into your August wedding palette for a touch of glamour. Gold accents pair nicely with lavender, blush pink, sage green, and creamy neutrals. A little metallic goes a long way to elevate the palette.

Add gold through decor items like votive holders, chair decor, and signage. Incorporate it into stationery with gold foil printing on invites and menus. For a sparkling touch, adorn reception tables with gold charger plates. Be sure not to go overboard so the palette retains its ethereal summer charm.

Metallic gold elevates an August wedding palette in a sophisticated way while retaining a sense of late summer celebration. Use it sparingly but intentionally as the perfect finishing touch.


What are some excellent August wedding colors?

Some top color choices for August weddings include lavender, sage green, blush pinks/peaches, creamy neutrals like ivory and beige, and metallic gold accents. These hues complement the late summer seasons beautifully.

What color should I avoid for an August wedding?

Avoid very bold colors like jewel tones. While beautiful, deep reds, blues, and purples feel out of place amid late summer. Stick to softer, lighter hues that evoke images of flowers, greenery, and fruit.

How do I choose wedding colors for a summer wedding?

Consider seasonally appropriate hues that complement an August landscape. Colors like lavender, peach, and sage green reflect the colors found in nature during late summer. Light neutrals and metallics also complement without overwhelming.

Should my August wedding color palette be warm or cool-toned?

Aim for a warm color palette overall for an August wedding. Warm metallic gold, peach, cream, and sage green hues reflect the natural landscape and feel celebratory. Cool tones like blues can come across as harsh during the warm summer.

How many colors should I choose for my August wedding?

For August, we recommend picking 3-4 complimentary hues for your wedding color palette. This provides variety and visual interest while still feeling cohesive. Too many colors can feel busy and distracting. Focus on colors that feel unified and intentionally chosen.


Finding your perfect wedding venue becomes a seamless journey when paired with the artistry of choosing the perfect wedding colors for an August celebration, harmonizing effortlessly with the natural beauty of late summer. Soft, ethereal hues like lavender, sage green, blush pink, and creamy neutrals provide warmth and charm to your wedding palette. Metallic gold accents add just the right amount of sophistication and sparkle. August is a time of ripening fruit, fragrant flowers, and lush greenery, so let your wedding color palette reflect the season’s tones. With thoughtful color choices, you will indeed have a timelessly beautiful August wedding celebration.

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