What to Expect on a Building Survey

A building survey, also known as an inspection, is basically the investigation and examination of a commercial building and its services in enough detail to let a qualified surveyor to advise what effect the condition of the building will have on a potential customer/property owner. The level of the survey should be high enough to allow the surveyor to tell whether or not any future structural problems may arise with the different elements of the building. This is extremely important for buildings which are still standing because any problems noticed during the initial building stage can result in significant amounts of money being lost before any claim from the customers.

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Building surveys can be carried out for different types of buildings such as factories, commercial retail outlets, offices, garages, schools and hospitals and may also be undertaken if you are considering buying a home. You should therefore ensure that you choose a company that specialises in home reports and offers various different types of surveys for different premises. You should always use a professional Building Survey Manchester company like Sam Conveyancing to carry out these surveys.

There are two main types of surveys that may be carried out by a qualified Building Surveyor, namely, a Structural Survey and a Full Building Survey. The structural survey is usually undertaken when the owner/developer wants to check the general condition of the building and is usually undertaken before planning permission is granted. During the structural survey the surveyors will examine the roof, floor, walls, concrete walls, insulation, pipes and other components of the building. If there is a problem they will inform the concerned person or the planner and this will stop the planning application being stopped.

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A full building survey may be a lengthy process as it is usually required before any construction can commence. It is usually undertaken as part of a routine maintenance programme on the property and involves inspecting the condition of the structure and looking for any defects. It will then record the defects and advise the person or the developer whether they require immediate action. Structural problems can cause major structural issues and so the advice from a structural survey will only be considered as expert advice. You can find loads of information on the Internet about structural problems and building surveys. If you feel there is any doubt about the quality of advice you receive from a Building Surveyor, you should ask the company for proof of their credentials.

There are a wide range of companies who offer Building Survey services and these include experienced local firms. If you want to know if a particular Building Surveyor is reliable then you should do some research into their background. It is always advisable to deal with a local firm as they are more likely to provide you with honest and accurate information. Also bear in mind that building surveys are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations. Always make sure you know what the basic requirements for the type of survey you require are.

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