Why do colours matter in web design?

Web design is incredibly important when looking to have a website built for your company. The design aspect of the web build will look at the aesthetics of the site as well as the structural functionality and a Web Design Gloucester company such as https://www.absolutecreativemarketing.co.uk/ will look at all of these when developing a site for their customers.

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After the structure and functionality of the site have been established, next comes the aesthetics. This will include everything from the way that the menu buttons appears and what content and imagery are going to be shared on the site.

Colours are incredibly important in web design as they are not only used to identify your brand but can be used to identify key bits of information on your site. Having a brand profile will help the web designer to build the aesthetics of the website around the brand colours that you use. Other colours can then be used to complement these core colours.

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It is important to think about the ideal client when looking at web aesthetics and take into consideration how people with impaired vision will be able to navigate the site. It is also important that you think about cultural differences and how colours are perceived if you are currently or planning to trade internationally.

All of this information will help the web designer to design your site so it is fit for purpose and aesthetically appeals to your ideal clients and customers.

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