The illustrious career of Stephen Spielberg

Stephen Spielberg is a name that is known across the world. The director has made some of the most iconic films in history and people still enjoy watching his films years later. Some of his blockbuster films truly come alive when you see them on a big screen or if you have a Luxury Home Cinema Bath company like come in and design you a home cinema.

Some of his best known films include:

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ET – in the film a young child stumbles across an alien who has crash landed on earth. The boy decides to help the alien whilst the authorities are desperately trying to find the owner of the ship they uncover. It stars a very young Drew Barrymore as the boy’s younger sister.

Gremlins – who knew that such a cute pet could create such horrible monsters. The Gremlins film was so popular that two more were made afterwards. A young man is given the gift of a Mogwai and is given three very simple instructions that he should follow to ensure its care. Unfortunately over time all three of these rules are broken and havoc ensues.

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Back to the Future – A 17 year old school boy and an eccentric scientist find themselves at the centre of time travel. Christopher Lloyd stars as the charming but slightly maverick Doc Brown and Michael J Fox plays the young Marty McFly.

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